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Highlights Handpicked for You

We've negotiated with hundreds of hotels to get discounts of up to 50% to worldwide destinations. We call them "Highlights" and they only last for a limited time!
You can also save more money on your dream destination by filling your wish list, as we assign a personal travel agent to your case and search for the best price!

Freshly Picked Highlights

Unforgettable vacations for you, your family and your friends, inspired by WISE members worldwide! Do you crave for something that's missing from your life? These are not the usual cheap vacations you see on most websites. We only pick luxurious hotels that we personally verify in order to ensure top quality to our members. With WISE, you have the chance to book a 4 and 5-star hotel for the price of 2-3 stars.

Whatever your style, travel your way

Who built WISE?

  • WISE is part of the largest Work Integration Social Enterprise with a main office in Romania, being declared "Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2016" within Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year world competition. Throughout time, we provided social aid to over 150.000 beneficiaries and invested over 18 million euros in the local community.

  • WISE is developed by Close to You Foundation (ADV), non-profit organization, established in February 2002 by Holt International Children’s Service USA, whose mission is the integration of people with disabilities or other vulnerable groups. It is independent of state authorities, not conditioned by any certain ideologies, doctrines or religions.

Monthly deposits

  • We believe in a sustainable future and in the freedom of travelling. Our social business ensures your monthly savings are safely stored to provide the lowest prices available for your next dream vacation!

  • In order to have a WISE membership, a monthly deposit is needed in your Piggy Bank. You can instantly use your deposits to make any travel purchases, including for non-members such as your family or friends.

Direct & passive incomes for all members

  • Our core values are built around community growth and every WISE member owns a part of the business. We believe in a world with no boundaries where our goal is to provide a passive income to over 30.000 families across the globe, including yours. Instead of paying companies for advertising, we provide added value to WISE members by rewarding their help in growing the community.

  • We have developed the WISE Community to provide better vacations to you, our member, and also generate a income that would help you create a new family business, provide better healthcare, ensure greater education for your children, etc! This microfinancing concept was inspired by Nobel Peace prize winner, Muhammad Yunus. Each WISE member owns a part of the project and receives a share of all sign-ups made directly or indirectly for a liftime.

Did you know?

All vacations stand under our "do good travelling" guarantee. Our projects impact some of the most disadvantaged people, who not only gain access to jobs but also redefine their identity and role in society. 100% of the revenue will go directly where needed the most.