Goal 8: Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all

Roughly half the world’s population still lives on the equivalent of about US$2 a day. And in too many places, having a job doesn’t guarantee the ability to escape from poverty. This slow and uneven progress requires us to rethink and retool our economic and social policies aimed at eradicating poverty. A continued lack of decent work opportunities, insufficient investments and under-consumption lead to an erosion of the basic social contract underlying democratic societies: that all must share in progress. . The creation of quality jobs will remain a major challenge for almost all economies well beyond 2015. Sustainable economic growth will require societies to create the conditions that allow people to have quality jobs that stimulate the economy while not harming the environment. Job opportunities and decent working conditions are also required for the whole working age population.

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Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all ":


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Poland Poznań, Poland
  • Global unemployment increased from 170 million in 2007 to nearly 202 million in 2012, of which about 75 million are young women and men.
  • Nearly 2.2 billion people live below the US$2 poverty line and that poverty eradication is only possible through stable and well-paid jobs.
  • 470 million jobs are needed globally for new entrants to the labour market between 2016 and 2030.
  • Organize a mentoring program. Invite people with experience in a certain field to create a mentoring group that will help young people better prepare for their future jobs.
  • Be a conscious consumer – if something is cheap it is likely to be hurting people or the planet in some way.
  • Know your rights at work. In order to access justice, knowing what you are entitled to will go a long way.
  • Read about workers in other countries and business practices. Talk to your colleagues about these issues.
  • Buy from local producers. Support local economic growth by choosing to buy from local producers and businesses.
  • Stay informed. Follow your local news and stay in touch with the Global Goals online or on social media at @TheGlobalGoals.

It is important that we all take a small step to make sure that we meet the Global Goals. Use these 12 targets to create action for partnerships for the goals.

Sustainable Economic Growth

Sustain per capita economic growth in accordance with national circumstances and, in particular, at least 7 per cent gross domestic product growth per annum in the least developed countries.

Diversify, Innovate and Upgrade for Economic Productivity

Achieve higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technological upgrading and innovation, including through a focus on high-value added and labour-intensive sectors.

Promote Policies to Support Job Creation and Growing Enterprises

Promote development-oriented policies that support productive activities, decent job creation, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, and encourage the formalization and growth of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises, including through access to financial services.

Improve Resource Efficiency in Consumption and Production

Improve progressively, through 2030, global resource efficiency in consumption and production and endeavour to decouple economic growth from environmental degradation, in accordance with the 10‑Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production, with developed countries taking the lead.

Full Employment and Decent Work with Equal Pay

By 2030, achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all women and men, including for young people and persons with disabilities, and equal pay for work of equal value.

Promote Youth Employment, Education and Training

Ensure enhanced representation and voice for developing countries in decision-making in global international economic and financial institutions in order to deliver more effective, credible, accountable and legitimate institutions.

End Modern Slavery, Trafficking and Child Labour

Take immediate and effective measures to eradicate forced labour, end modern slavery and human trafficking and secure the prohibition and elimination of the worst forms of child labour, including recruitment and use of child soldiers, and by 2025 end child labour in all its forms.

Universal Labour Rights and Safe Working Environments

Protect labour rights and promote safe and secure working environments for all workers, including migrant workers, in particular women migrants, and those in precarious employment.

Promote Beneficial and Sustainable Tourism

By 2030, devise and implement policies to promote sustainable tourism that creates jobs and promotes local culture and products.

Universal Access to Banking, Insurance and Financial Services

Strengthen the capacity of domestic financial institutions to encourage and expand access to banking, insurance and financial services for all.

Increase Aid for Trade Support for Developing Countries

Increase Aid for Trade support for developing countries, in particular least developed countries, including through the Enhanced Integrated Framework for Trade-related Technical Assistance to Least Developed Countries.

Develop a Global Youth Employment Strategy

By 2020, develop and operationalize a global strategy for youth employment and implement the Global Jobs Pact of the International Labour Organization.

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