Our plans for the future:

1. Social 

- to develop 360 degrees and virtual reality travel experiences/therapy to children affected by poverty and other social issues; Content used will also be coming from WISE members worldwide;

- to develop a superior crowdfunding platform for NGOs;

- to integrate and develop a network of Work Integration Social Enterprises. WISE members could choose to visit/work with these WISEs while travelling;

- to provide free travel experiences to people with disabilities and suffering from other social issues;

- to develop a hotel database for disabled people, by providing certificates in the accommodation sector, thus improving our customer experience for disabled members.


2. Commercially

- to integrate other vendors from the car-rental industry;

- to integrate other vendors from the cruise industry;

- to integrate other vendors from the accommodation industry;

- to integrate other vendors for nomad travellers!

- to perform tailored services, according to the needs of any WISE member;


Our services today:

- to invest the entire revenue made by selling travel services into social programmes for people with social issues;

- to give others the chance to book 4 and 5-star hotels at the price of 2-3 stars;

- to give do-good travellers a sustainable source of income and discounts, developed by the WISE Community Program;

- to educate consumers regarding economy savings and responsible purchases; 

- to give our members access to over 170.000 hotels and resorts worldwide, along with better travelling highlights, cruises and activities;


Our IT team is constantly working on implementing new features for all WISE members, based on wishlists and feedback received. Thank you for helping us develop the WISE Community!

Changelog of 2018

February 2018

- we've celebrated love!

- started the implementation of a new Car Rental vendor: 20,000+ locations in over 180 countries worldwide;

- made visual tweaks on the mobile platform, as well as for desktop;

- various bugs were fixed;

- the entire platform got faster and even more secure;

- we've added many new features that help you choose the perfect vacation with ease;

- extended experience for NGOs and Corporate accounts!

January 2018

- added 14.000 new experiences worldwide;

- added additional payment processors;

- an improved mobile version of the WISE platform;

- an improved overall design and user experience; 

Changelog of 2017

December 2017

- added 50.000 new hotels worldwide;

- launched new modules with amazing prices for flights worldwide; 

- finishing touches on the activities module;

- an improved mobile version of the WISE platform;

- improved user experience & security; 

November 2017

- improved experience across the platform;

- started developing two new modules, for non-profit organizations and companies;

- integrated the flight's simulator to perform live searches on the best routes available; 

- added PayPal as a payment provider;

October 2017

- started working on integrating over 14.000 activities and tours worldwide; It will allow WISE members to purchase: authentic experiences, trips, local cruises, restaurant discounts, museum & cultural tickets, first in line events and local tours;

- improved algorithms for finding the best prices available in our network for hotels, villas & resorts;

- strengthened security using simulations & artificial intelligence; 

- improved data mining for more accurate results on exotic locations;

- member area received a well-deserved facelift;

- switched to PHP7;

- improved server security by re-testing it against DDOS Attacks, SQL Injections, etc;

- started new negotiations with onboard car rental vendors in our searches;

- woke up Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day as September ended;

September 2017

- flexible rates and price comparison for even better prices;

- added new features for map searches on highlights and hotel engines.

- added 20.000 extra hotels, villas and resorts ;

- new filters for faster checkouts;

- general platform facelift & visual tweaks;

- strengthened security using simulations & artificial intelligence;

- helped our grandparents with wine production;

August 2017

- got a tan and sand in our hair;

- added 10.000 extra hotels, villas and resorts;

- added the multibook option that allows WISE members search up to 4 rooms with different setups in one go;

- improved stock checker to ensure the best search results;

- strengthened security using simulations & artificial intelligence;

July 2017

- all accommodation prices were lowered by 10-30% as a result of improved algorithms for searching and matching the best price for the same hotel on multiple vendors;

- our technical department has doubled in size, as a result of new programmers joining our team;

- one more server was added as part of our CDN network to ensure WISE members faster access on our platform worldwide ;

June 2017

- added live notifications for WISE members viewing highlights or accommodations;

- strengthened security using simulations & artificial intelligence; 

- improved notifications for WISE members;

- added extended refundable opportunities for bookings;

- added custom quotes feature for highlights;

May 2017

- added car rental feature on request for all members

- added wishlist feature to ensure lower traveling prices for all members

- added thematic highlights worldwide

- improved bank deposit requests/processing 

April 2017

strengthened security using simulations & artificial intelligence; 

- geotargeting features for providing better results for searches; 

- added 20.000 extra hotels, villas and resorts;

- ate a lot during Easter Holiday;

March 2017

- general platform facelift & visual tweaks;

- mobile optimization and cross-browser testing/fixes; 

- improved email notifications/reminders for WISE members; 

February 2017

added 5.000 extra hotels, villas and resorts;

- general platform facelift & visual tweaks;

January 2017

- held an AGILE meeting and congratulated ourselves for the magic that took place in 2016 at WISE;

- went on a well-deserved vacation;

- played with our new toys from Santa; 

- completed our do good travelling activity report for 2016, now available at