Q: How would you describe WISE in just a few sentences?

A: If you could travel at better prices and provide aid to those affected by poverty, would you do it? WISE connects do good travellers, companies and social enterprises to the tourism marketplace by providing microfinancing solutions and luxury travel destinations at better prices. Each purchase helps communities affected by poverty.

Q: How should I register an account?
A: While "Sweet Honey" may be a great nickname, the name you use to register and also book your vacations must be the same, full legal name used on your official government IDs, such as your driver’s license or passport. The full legal names of other travellers in your party must also be used. Changing the name after a booking is made might require additional fees that nobody likes.

Q: What is the maximum number of extra rooms I can purchase?
A: Usually up to 4 rooms, but it all depends on the hotel availability. If you are in need of plenty of rooms, feel free to contact us. Please note that the number of extra highlights is two, conditioned of course, by the number of rooms left. 

Q: Is it possible to request extra nights to a highlight that interests me?
A: Yes, this is possible. Please use the "Get custom quote" button, visible on all Highlight pages. Our travel agents will analyze your request and create a special vacation, just for you! 

Q: Can I make an account as a company?
A: Yes, you can make purchases and receive invoices as a person, as well as a company. Still, if you would like to join WISE Corporate and provide free memberships for your employees, click here. 

Q: Can I add extra days or nights to my vacation?
A: If you’re having a blast, why not stay a little longer? Extending your vacation depends on the availability of the location. If you’ve purchased a highlight, just contact us to see about extending your stay so you can continue that remarkable experience. Otherwise, use our hotel engine to perform the search. The room rate will reflect rates available at the hotel or resort at the time you add to your stay, so the cost for extra nights may vary from what you paid in your original booking.

Q: Can a WISE membership be in more than one person’s name or various business names?
A: We are a travel community made up of amazing individuals like you, and that’s one of our strengths. We require every membership to be in the name of one person. This means we can’t accept membership applications in multiple names or more than one partnerships, trusts or business entities per account. Still, as a member, you are entitled to purchase any travel services for non-members such as family & friends

Q: What if I gave the incorrect name or spelling when booking?
A: Let us know as soon as possible. The booking must be made in and show the member’s full legal name. The full legal names of other travellers in your party must also be used. Our preferred travel vendor tells us no name changes can be made within 30 days of departure. There is typically a name change fee and you’ll be responsible for that. 

Q: I need information about obtaining or renewing my passport. Where do I go?
A: You’ll need to contact the government department that issues passports in your country. They’re the experts who can help you. Be sure to contact them in advance so there’s plenty of time to get your request processed before your dates. This isn’t something WISE can do for you; you’ll have to take care of this yourself.

Q: What if I need wheelchair or disability assistance?
A: While many activities can accommodate travellers, who require a wheelchair or other disability assistance, some activities, tours or accommodations may have restrictions. Whenever it is available, we will confirm wheelchair or disability assistance for you, either setting it up for you or directing you to the resource that can assist. Just let us know your needs!

Q: What if my question is not covered here?
A: The WISE community ensures a great experience and we will gladly answer any questions you may have. Simply use our ticketing system, talk to a vacation specialist by clicking on Live Help, or choose Email Support by sending your query here 

Further details are also provided in our Terms & Conditions