Our core values

We believe in social equality and the freedom of traveling. We believe the future of capitalism are social enterprises and have developed several social businesses, including a travel agency, to provide aid to our beneficiaries. The main mission of work integration social enterprises is never the profit, but creating value for the community.

  • Our first core value is equality - We believe in a world with no boundaries where our goal is to provide a passive income to over 30.000 families across the globe, including yours. Instead of paying companies for advertising, we provide added value to WISE members by rewarding their help in growing the community. We have developed the WISE Community to provide better vacations to you, our member, and also generate a income that would help you create a new family business, provide better healthcare, ensure greater education for your children, etc! This microfinancing concept was inspired by Nobel Peace prize winner, Muhammad Yunus. Each WISE member owns a part of the project and receives a share of all sign-ups made directly or indirectly for a liftime.

  • Our second core value is love - Close to You Foundation started 16 years ago by building sustainable solutions for over 150.000 people suffering from poverty or disabilities.   WISE connects do good travelers, companies and social enterprises to the tourism marketplace by providing microfinancing solutions and luxury travel destinations at better prices. Each purchase helps communities affected by poverty.

  • Our third core value is transparency - Driven by a vision built on trust and friendship. WISE provides great accommodations in hotels, villas & resorts by working directly with 4 and 5 star hotels and negotiating bulk purchases thus eliminating additional costs. On the other hand, WISE spreads through word of mouth, being able to return more value to its members.

After 45 social awards and more than 18 million euros invested in the local community, our travelling platform offers affordable vacations to couples, friends, and families. Thank you for being an important part of the WISE travel movement!