Jack The Ripper Walking Tour - In Spanish
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London , 25 Liverpool Street Statio, United Kingdom

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At 6pm, Duration: 1 days


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Duration: 1 day
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Activity Description

Follow the trail of the most mysterious murderer in history. Take a journey to the past and visit the scenes of the brutal crimes of Jack the Ripper.

- Learn about the disturbing story of a legend
- Walk the same streets that Jack the Ripper stalked
- Find out why he was never caught

Nobody heard or saw anything! It was the year 1888 and panic some of London's poorest neighbourhoods. A man of unknown identity would be responsible for gruesome murders involving prostitutes that shocked the entire world.

Who was Jack the Ripper? What was his modus operandi? And why, after more than 120 years, does he remain a legend? Meet one of the greatest unresolved mysteries in history with a journey that follows the footsteps of one of the bloodiest murderers in history.

Visit some of the places where Jack the Ripper stalked his victims, stroll through the streets where he sneaked during the night as he listened to the numerous legends surrounding the Whitechapel killer. Why didn’t the police ever find him? Who were the main suspects? At the end of the tour, you should have gathered enough evidence to create your own theory.

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Starting point:
25 Liverpool Street Station - London - UK
By the Kindertransport Statue, in front of the Mcdonald’s from Liverpool Street Station.

End point: Ten Bells Pub.

Duration: 2 Hours

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