Campo De ConcentraciÓn Sachsenhausen.

Berlin , In Front Of The Tv Tower (alexanderplatz), Germany

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Campo De ConcentraciÓn Sachsenhausen. description

Whilst you are in Berlin, visit the nearby concentration camp of Sachsenhausen, or Saxon’s House, to see first-hand the harsh conditions and shocking treatment experienced by prisoners at the hands of their SS captors.

- The site of one of the largest counterfeiting operations during the war
- The prisoner’s daily routine and main zones in the camp
- Both heroic and heart-wrenching stories

Take this opportunity to learn about the interesting history of the camp, the type of prisoners, what their routine was and what kind of work and punishment they were given.

As the site of one of the largest counterfeiting operations during the war, this camp tells an intriguing story of prisoners forced to produce fake British and American banknotes in an attempt to make the Allied economies unstable and help the Nazi war effort.

The prisoners also worked on aircraft construction for Heinkel, and when many of the aircraft crashed on the way to combat, it was thought that somehow, even under heavy observation, the stoic prisoners had managed to sabotage the planes which they worked on.

Amidst uplifting tales of the unquenchable human spirit, are examples of brutality and disregard for life in the camp. You will hear of the Sachsenhausen Salute, the Death March, the medical experiments and the mass graves. Sobering and heart-wrenching it may be, but you will not regret learning more about the realities of these camps and you will not forget your visit to Sachsenhausen.

During your visit you will see the model of the field, the training camp of the SS, the yard command, Tower A, the neutral zone, the barracks, the prison camp, the gallows, the kitchen and laundry, the pit, a photographic exhibition, and laboratory findings. Join the tour of Sachsenhausen and have a day filled with history, remembrance and emotion.


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Start point:
In front of the TV tower (Alexanderplatz) - 10178 - Berlin - DE

End point: Same as the starting point

Duration: 6 Hours

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