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  1. you register by choosing your favourite charity
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  3. WISE donates a part of your vacation's price to charity
  4. while on vacation, it gives further hints if you want to help more

We have everything your old travel agency had, but with "do good" on top. Join us!

What is your life's biggest regret? Is it related to things you have done, or to things you have never done? WISE is all about making a small change, for a lot of good.

We approach travel from a different perspective so you can help charities - home and abroad - at no extra cost.
From dog shelters to organizations working with children with disabilities or environmental issues, WISE donates up to 4% of the sales price to your favourite charity, as part of our #GlobalGoals mission.
WISE combines innovative ideas and social responsibility to go beyond travel and ultimately change people’s lives, including yours.


Over 180.000 hotels and apartments in 185 countries, including free reservation! Flexible searches, group vacations and the perfect design to ensure a smooth booking experience.

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Let us create a unique tailored package for your family, focusing on your past experiences and vision. From hotels, cruise lines, on tours, transfers and insurances, we build top-notch memories for you and your loved ones.

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Over 18.000 theatre and museum tickets, spa, sports events or culinary events.

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From compact cars to luxury vehicles, WISE gives you access to over 20.000 car rental solutions on a global coverage. Extended insurance types to provide stress-free vacations to your family and friends at the best prices available on the market.

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Our vision is not about donating most of the profit, but helping amazing local initiatives to be sustainable! While on vacation, you get hints on social businesses, so you can have a tour, volunteer or buy a coffee from a non-profit organisation.

WISE includes over 1.400 non-profit organizations worldwide!

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What Legacy Will You Leave Behind?
Next time you travel, choose WISE. We give travelers and companies the opportunity to book their trips at affordable prices, while donating the profit to non-profits. We create global awareness to social enterprises and the projects that truly change local communities.
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