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The wise membership

When you travel with WISE, you're not getting just lower prices for your holidays, you support local communities and help those who will never be able to repay you! Our worldwide do-good community has access to amazing highlights, specially tailored to exceed all expectations while maintaining an affordable price. Ski resorts, exotic beaches, cruises and inspiring hotels, packages designed to bring unforgettable memories to your family and friends!

Whatever your style, travel your way

Join a global movement of do-good travelers who have discovered inspiring experiences with WISE! From single to couples, to large families and groups, WISE gives you top access to a wide variaty of travel services.

  • City Breaks
  • Thematic Trips
  • Relaxing Beachs
  • Active Holidays
  • Cruise Holidays
Access to amazing highlights
Access to tours & activities
Instant use of deposits
Withdrawals available even for bonuses
Direct & Passive Incomes for a lifetime
Do-good experiences
Personal travel assistant
Purchases available for non-members

Every wise member owns a part of the business!

You receive direct & passive bonuses for amazing vacations, to create a new family business, provide better healthcare, ensure greater education or to fulfill your dreams, from all WISE members joining the community. For a lifetime! Withdrawals are available instantly by bank deposit.

Ways to earn direct & passive income

Our loyalty program helps you travel more and in better conditions! Each new account is linked in a pipeline to 10 previous members. Rewards can be used instantly as any new member joins the community for any travel services, or even withdrawn to your bank account for other needs.

How much can your community grow?

The WISE Community works as a pipeline and is limited to 10 levels in depth, but unlimited in width. This allows you to build a sustainable future for your family. Each new member you add in your community brings a €25 reward and all the members joining from your superior levels will generate a passive income.

Try out our Community Simulator!

If you enjoy our project why not add your friends as WISE members? You will receive a direct and passive income, for a lifetime, from each friend joining from your recommendation.

If they decide to add members in the Community, you will also receive financial incentives. If those new members add friends, you will again earn bonuses, and so on, based on the micro-financing program

WISE Community Program

Relation to member WISE Points Total points
Level 1 25
Level 2 10
Level 3 10
Level 4 5
Level 5 5
Level 6 5
Level 7 3
Level 8 3
Level 9 2
Level 10 2
You receive

Close to You Foundation

WISE is owned by Close to You Foundation, a Work Integration Social Enterprise established 15 years ago. We invested over 18 million euros in the community by providing social services to over 150.000 beneficiaries. With over 45 national and international awards, we are living proof that social businesses are the future of capitalism.

Our mission

All our travel services stand under our "do good travelling" guarantee. Our projects impact some of the most disadvantaged people, who not only gain access to jobs, but also redefine their identity and role in society. 100% of the revenue will go directly where needed the most!

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Wise FAQ

Our mission is to provide four and five-star accommodation at the price of three stars! Imagination is your only limit as we provide services in over 185 countries worldwide and our selection is growing every day.

You can make any purchases, including for non-members, using local funds (Piggy Bank deposits + Cash Cow bonuses) and/or using your credit card.
In order to maintain your membership active, a monthly deposit of €50 is required. These deposits can be used instantly to purchase any travel services, along other bonuses from your Cash Cow, according to our WISE Community program. In case your vacation is more expensive than your deposits, differences are paid from your credit card.
You may benefit from a membership, even when you’re not traveling! As long as you make a monthly deposit, your community remains active and you earn direct and passive incomes from other members joining WISE. Any new member becomes linked to the previous ten. So when you’re ready to take your next vacation, it could already be paid for! If you are a "do good" NGO, such as we are, it may even represent a new source of funds for developing and sustaining your social programmes developed in the community. If you have a family, the WISE Community could help you provide better education or better healthcare solutions.
Yes, you can do that, if you decide not to use them for your vacations. Withdraw fee is 10% of the total ammount. Please note: you are fully responsible to pay taxes according to your origin country laws referring extra incomes! For Romanian members, 16% from your Cash Cow incomes will be retained by us and delivered to the national tax office.
No additional charges or changes are needed in order to add members in your WISE community.
Usually up to 4 rooms, but it all depends on the hotel availability. If you are in need of plenty of rooms, feel free to contact us. Please note that the number of extra highlights is two, conditioned of course, by the number of rooms left. If you need something tailored just for you, contact us!
Yes, if the entire amount is available in your account, you may purchase the entire vacation using WISE points from your local deposits (Piggy Bank + Cash Cow). Otherwise, differences will be paid from your monthly deposit or even using the credit card.