The most important thing is to enjoy life. To be happy - is all that matters. Join us!

What is your life's biggest regret? Is it related to things you have done, or to things you have never done? WISE is all about making a small change, for a lot of good.

We approach travel from a different perspective so you can help charities - home and abroad - at no extra cost.
From dog shelters to organizations working with children with disabilities or environmental issues, WISE donates 4% of the sales price to your favorite charity, as part of our #GlobalGoals mission.
WISE combines innovative ideas and social responsibility to go beyond travel and ultimately change people’s lives, including yours.

What Memory or Legacy Will You Leave Behind?
WISE connects do good travellers, companies and social businesses to the tourism marketplace. Charities are enrolled in our program and will receive donations based on all purchases made by their supporters. Start supporting today!
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Do good travelling

It's not just about us donating most of the profit, but promoting amazing local initiatives! While on vacation, you get hints on social businesses, so you can have a tour or buy a coffee from a non-profit organisation.
Through partnerships with the biggest travel wholesalers and tour operators our reach of travelling services is global.
From hotels and car rentals, to museum tickets and tours, we have everything your old travel agency had, but with "do good" on top.

Close to You Foundation

WISE is owned by Close to You Foundation, a Work Integration Social Enterprise established 16 years ago. We invested over 18 million euros in the community by providing social services to over 150.000 beneficiaries. With over 45 national and international awards, we are living proof that social businesses are the future of capitalism.

Our mission

All our travel services stand under our "do good travelling" guarantee. Our projects impact some of the most disadvantaged people, who not only gain access to jobs, but also redefine their identity and role in society. 100% of the revenue will go directly where needed the most!

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