Adventure of a lifetime for 37 children!

Adventure of a lifetime for 37 children! 12/09/2018

Do you remember the feeling of going in the first vacation? Curiosity mixed with excitement and fear of the unknown?

Back in June, auctioned vacations for children from vulnerable groups during „Castel Ball”, the charity event organized by Fundatia Serviciilor Sociale Bethany. Following the amazing donations provided by its participants, 37 children were sponsored for going on vacation across Romania!

They’ve called it „Adventure of a lifetime” as it was for the first time when they were able to leave their hometown and step into the unknown. It was a time of laughter, of stories and new friends, with unique experiences and memories for upcoming years.

From Brasov and Sighisoara to visiting Dracula’s Castle and the most amazing road in the world, the Transfăgărășan, it was a rollercoaster of emotions by also reaching Balea Lac and Cheile Bicazului.


To be honest, it's difficult for us to explain in words, how grateful they were for this vacation. As they lack the resources to experience something that for many is a commodity. But their dreams are even bigger than their hearts. With good education and the social services provided by Bethany, the future is bright!

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