Close to You Foundation takes part at Build Social Ground

Close to You Foundation takes part at Build Social Ground 19/01/2018

Between January 15-17, 2017, representatives of Close to You Foundation participate in the first working meeting within the project "Build solid ground" organized in Bratislava, Slovakia, a project that is funded by the European Commission under the DEAR program (Development Education and Awareness Raising).

The project is being carried out by a consortium of 14 partners from 8 European countries and has as main objectives encouraging the active involvement of European citizens in issues related to sustainable global development, their involvement in action against poverty and promoting fairer relations between developed and developing countries development, as well as their involvement in producing new ideas on development issues.

The role of Close to You Foundation within the project is to raise awareness of sustainable development goals among pupils and students in terms of poverty reduction, gender equality, decent work and growth, city development and transformation in secure, resilient and sustainable settlements. These global objectives will be the subject of a local, national and European advocacy campaign targeting the business sector, local and national authorities, the education sector (general schools, high schools and universities) and members of Parliament, the media, with the aim of making positive changes through the adoption of public policies in line with the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030, including Romania, at the September 2015 Summit.

The project will have a 3-year implementation period and will be coordinated at European level by Habitat for Humanity International in Slovakia.

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