Meet us @ The Civil Society Gala 2019

Meet us @ The Civil Society Gala 2019 23/04/2019

We're excited to be next to our colleagues in the Civil Society Gala in categories such as Innovation, but also Social and Economic Development! Lots of projects that are changing the world as we know it!

The Civil Society Gala (GSC) is the largest project, initiated in 2002, which promotes and rewards the work of the associative sector in Romania.

Over the years, under the umbrella of the Civil Society Gala they've developed the following projects:

  • Annual Competition [2002]
  • The "Adopt an NGO" project [2007]
  • Volunteer Scholarship [2007]
  • The "Communicators for Civil Society" Program [2009]
  • News portal [2007].

Through these, the Civil Society Gala becomes one of the main supporters of representatives of the non-governmental sector in Romania and a promoter of its initiatives in front of the other two sectors - public and private - in front of the media and the general public.

"Most of the non-governmental organizations are working in quasi-anonymity, with few civic initiatives coming to public attention. The Civil Society Gala intends to pay tribute to small gestures or a big civic initiative every year, to make society more right and healthier. " - Andrei Gavrilă-Borţun, the initiator of the Civil Society Gala, INSTITUTE CEO.


The full lineup can be seen on the following links:


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