Press release for the Romanian Market

Press release for the Romanian Market 23/05/2018

Close to You Foundation will officially launch in Romania on May 24, 2018, at 18.00, at BHB (former Corner Pub, Podu Ros, Iasi), its newest product social economy - the web application. The event will mark the 16th activity of the foundation, years in which they made an important change for the well-being of over 150,000 children and young people from disadvantaged groups in Romania., under the slogan "do good travelling", aims to bring under one platform, everything you need to travel at the best price and at the same time support local communities.

Any purchase helps a charity as splits the profit with the nonprofit organization that the traveller chooses to support, without any additional cost to the traveller! For any service purchased by each traveller, sends 50% of the agency's commision to the desired NGO.

Moreover, it develops and promotes activities related to the social economy, to involve travellers in unforgettable experiences and generate extra incomes for social or educational programs developed within every NGO!

"Building on our 10 years of experience in social economy, we have created an innovative product in the field of tourism. We’re launching this website in May, declared by the law as the month of social economy when we’re also celebrating the 16th anniversary of Close to You Foundation (ADV). brings on the same platform, people who travel for personal or business purposes, NGOs in need of funding, and companies that use travel products to further motivate employees.

The platform not only offers low prices but sends 50% of the commission to the desired NGO and promotes the services offered by social enterprises around the world for travellers to get involved.

For example, volunteering experiences, city tours with volunteers from a local NGO, social restaurants or souvenirs made in social enterprises. promotes responsible purchases where each travel service is helping charities produce even more value in the community", declared Angela Achiţei, President of Close to You Foundation.

Currently, the platform includes over 180.000 accommodation units around the world (most of which can be booked/cancelled free of charge), more than 14.000 activities, pre-defined holidays with up to 50% discounts, over 22.000 cars for rental, flight suggestions and 1.780 NGOs which are producing added value in local communities. More vendors will follow.

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