The Social Incubator becomes our Charity Partner!

The Social Incubator becomes our Charity Partner! 03/12/2018

Monday - a great time to start the week with exciting news! Following our open call on charities that change local communities, The Social Incubator from Romania joined our network of 30+ non-profit partners! 

The Social Incubator was established in April 2014 by a group of 5 friends, professionals in various fields who, after having been involved in numerous volunteering activities taking the form of a punctual and short-term support for institutionalized youths, realized that, in order to determine a real and sustainable change in these youths' lives, it is necessary for them to be supported individually and on a much longer term.

Therefore, in May 2014, the main program of the organization was launched with the goal to support the youths who have left - or are preparing to leave - the child protection system, aged between 16 and 26, to make the transition (otherwise extremely difficult and filled with risks) to adult life in a manner which values their aptitudes and ensures their long-term independence. The program began in Bucharest-Ilfov and, starting with 2016, expanded throughout the 8 administrative regions of Romania.

Now, it's easy to support them just by travelling at amazing prices with!

All you have to do is register here: and each of your purchases will generate donations to them, at no extra cost!

In parallel, the association also tackles the effects, not just the causes, through the active prevention of human trafficking, institutionalized youths being one of the most vulnerable social categories when it comes to human trafficking in Romania.

Their social impact so far:

  • 2,329 youths taking part in our workshops
  • 496 youths supported in the integration process
  • 457 youths counselled psychologically and vocationally
  • 111 youths employed
  • 208 personal and professional development workshops
  • 72 exploratory visits organized
  • 308 youths taking part in our exploratory visits
  • 100+ actively involved volunteers

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