Top 7 Exotic Destinations you MUST VISIT in November

Top 7 Exotic Destinations you MUST VISIT in November 08/10/2018

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November is not a traditional holiday month in Europe, where, although winter knocks on the door, the ski season has not yet begun. But let's look at the full side of the glass: it is not crowded at major objectives and you can enjoy good rates on accommodation and flight deals. Plus, there are also destinations where you'll enjoy the sun.

There are many options for those who have planned to spend an atypical November: full of sunshine, no clouds on the sky, no cold, fog and windless leaves.

The best example is given by the Canary Islands, closer to Africa than to Europe. You can find a warm weather, as of June in our region, in the islands of Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro, if that's what you want.

Exotic destinations to visit in November

1. Morocco in November 

Our planet is amazing as it offers countless temptations for perfect holidays and trips in November. One of these destinations has Oriental perfume, it's like a story of Sheherezade: Marrakech, Morocco. You can turn your attention to this desert town, famous for its huge bazaar and its old palaces if you want a little adventure and do not feel the need for a beach to enjoy the sun. In November, in Marrakech, the maximum daily temperature is 22 ° C, the minimum nocturnal is 10 ° C, and you have about seven hours full of sun/day. There are six days of rain in November in Marrakech, but there are no precipitations above 40 mm. It would be special to catch a rain in the desert, right? Temperatures are comparable to those in Morocco's main maritime resort, Agadir, where it rains a bit longer.



2. Cape Verde Islands in November

Further south, in the Cape Verde Islands, it is even more sunny, because we speak of Africa's neighbourhood and a tropical climate with annual average temperatures between 26 and 30 ° C. November is a month when the wind blows harder in the Cape Verde Islands, as it will do until March. So if you’re windsurfing and kitesurfing fan, go to the Cape Verde Islands. The maximum daytime temperature in Espargos, Sal, in November, is 28 ° C, the minimum nocturnal is 22 ° C. Again, you have seven hours/day under the sun, 5% changes of rain and ocean water at about 26 ° C.



3. Mauritius also enjoys good weather in November. The beautiful volcanic island off the coast of East Africa, one of the world's most beloved honeymoon destinations, lures you with good air and water temperatures in November, and rains are at least a month away. Days with average highs of 29 ° C, nights with a minimum of 20 ° C, and eight sunny hours each day create the perfect holiday at Port Luis or Trou aux Biches. There are 12 days of rainfall, 66 mm of rainfall/month and the sea temperature is around 25 degrees C.



4. Bali in Indonesia

Bali in November. Another very beautiful island destination, good enough for a honeymoon or a pampering stay in November, is Bali, Indonesia. Although temperatures are rising, November marks the start of the rainy season in Bali, with rainfall in eight days and 187 mm of monthly average rainfall. The rains are not endless either in Denpasar or Kuta and the temperature reaches up to 31 ° C (maximum diurnal) and the Sun is on the sky about nine hours a day. Ocean water has 27 ° C and the UV index is at its highest.


5. Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Dubai in November. Home of many luxury records, this destination is at the beginning of its peak season as temperatures become bearable, local winter is just starting. The first winter month in Dubai brings a maximum average temperature during the day of 31 ° C, with a high level of heat & humidity. There are nine hours of bright sun each day, and the minimum night falls to 18 ° C. Chance of rain tends to zero. In November, the average sea temperature in and around Dubai is 28 ° C.



6. Kerala, India, in November

This region of India, which its inhabitants call the "Land of God", is famous for its beaches, the hills full of spices and the tea plantations. Traditions, customs and festivals in Kerala are other tourist attractions that have put the region on the map.

November marks the beginning of the best time to visit Kerala, although no one promises it will not be hot. The maximum average daytime temperature in Cochin, Kerala is 31 ° C, with a very high degree of humidity, the minimum night does not fall below 23 ° C. There are usually six hours of bright sun every day, chances of rain in six days in November, and 155 mm precipitation.

The best time to visit Kerala is between November and March when the weather is pleasant, the rains have passed and are most conducive to watching wildlife.


7. Goa, India is the official paradise beach with spectacular sunsets, shopping in the markets and popular parties. There are several temples and churches to explore beyond beaches and scenic villages.

The best time to visit Goa is in the winter, between November and February, which happens to coincide with the New Year's Eve celebrations. The maximum average daytime temperature in Panaji, Goa in November is 33 ° C, with a high humidity level. Usually, there are nine hours of bright sun every day and the average minimum at night is 23 ° C. The average sea temperature in and around Goa in November is 28 ° C.


Here ends our favourite list of exotic destination to visit with in November!

Do not forget that there are countless cities full of attractions all over the world that you can visit at any time of the year, especially if you are passionate about art and culture.

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