Tour operator calls for new charities

Tour operator calls for new charities 23/08/2018

As a social business,, tour operator, launches an Open Call for NGOs worldwide to be part of their donation program focused on the Global Sustainable Goals

The platform helps your organization be sustainable by promoting responsible purchases. It provides 240.000+ tourist services in over 185 countries. Each traveller chooses his favourite charity and WISE donates a share of all sales, without charging the traveller extra.

For additional ways of funding, your charity may promote various social or commercial experiences to generate income: local producers, city tours, shops, conference rooms, workshops, etc. WISE doesn't apply any fees!

Being a humanitarian organization, we believe it’s a very useful source of funding as we all have friends, employees or partners in need of business or leisure travel services. 
And of course, apart of your donors - if you ever need any travel services, you will receive 4% back.
Register your charity here: