VR Experiences with WISE!

VR Experiences with WISE! 11/01/2018

Children joining our Youth Club had some truly unique, wonderful experiences. With VR technology, they ventured into the mountain and "stepped" into space. They approached the Sun, saw how the Earth revolved around it, and "visited" other planets in the solar system. Those who chose to climb the mountain have overcome their fear of height and have admired rare landscapes. Big thanks to our do good WISE members!

It is our mission to support children and young people maintain their interest in education and their curiosity for the new, to seek an opportunity in every difficult situation and identify their strengths and take advantage of the resources around them. We believe the investment in social and educational services ensures community development, generating major changes, which is why we will continue to develop programmes for children and young people.

Starting from our experience in working with children and young people and seeing their interest in technology, one of our objectives is to develop educational, therapy and research packages based on VR technology and on other digital technologies. Within the day center,  children gain new information and have new experiences (travel into space, see the effects of pollution – a virtual visit to Chernobyl, travel to ocean’s deep and on mountain peaks, face their fears etc.) with the help of VR technology, 3D projectors, computers and the interactive board our foundation has. The results obtained have been amazing. 

Considering that technology is advancing quickly and children are more and more attracted to it, another objective has been to develop research projects in order to see its impact on children and teenagers from groups at risk, including with disabilities, so that we may value the positive influence of technology (cognitive abilities, affection, practical abilities, motor skills, etc.). 

Furthermore, starting from the studies developed until today and seeing that modern technology may be a true therapeutic tool, we wish to develop therapy and psychological recovery programs for children and young people (handling anxiety moments, difficulties in communication, etc.).

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