WISE starts mapping social enterprises according to #GlobalGoals

WISE starts mapping social enterprises according to #GlobalGoals 23/03/2018

When you travel with #WISE, you're not getting just lower prices for your holidays, you support local communities and help those who will never be able to repay you.

Just imagine that a traveller from the US can choose to travel to Barcelona, Spain . Buying a hotel from WISE.travel, as well as museum tickets means the entire profit is donated to charity.

But...can we take this to another level?

How about showing John, the traveller from the US, that in Barcelona, around his hotel he has interesting social businesses that bring happiness to the local community. It will be optional to volunteer there for a few hours, have a tour of Barcelona made by one of their employees, buy products from their production or even attend various workshops for very small fees!

For us, this is how the future looks like: https://wise.travel/global-goals

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