WISE starts the Non Profit enrollment!

WISE starts the Non Profit enrollment! 08/01/2018

WISE.travel is the complex online travel agency developed by Close to You Foundation. It is intended for companies, individuals, and non-profit organizations.

Today we start registrations for the NGO sector by offering an alternative to 2% campaigns and classic sponsorships through responsible consumerism and a microfinance concept inspired by Muhammad Yunus, one of the fathers of the social economy.

NGOs using #WISE get funded with grants for social projects, along with the opportunity to:

- provide tourist tours and authentic experiences in the cities they belong to;
- provide an additional platform for brand ambassadors;
- promote social programs and obtain additional funds through global crowdfunding;
- promote through geotargeting products and services;
- get volunteers for their social projects;

More details: ngo[@]wise.travel or https://wise.travel/NGO-one-pager.pdf

#dogoodtravelling #socialeconomy

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