We've launched a new City Break section!

We've launched a new City Break section! 20/03/2019

Great news from our LABs! We've just launched a new section of our website, including #CityBreaks at affordable prices all around the worlds, departing from the major cities in Romania! With deals starting from €100 / person, we're happy to bring affordable vacations to our do good travellers.

Get them while they're HOT: https://wise.travel/city-break-ieftin/oferte-flash

As an awarded travel tour-operator, we provide huge deals for vacations worldwide. Each booking also includes a donation to your favourite social cause, at no extra cost.

Our foundation provided social aid to 150.000+ vulnerable people by investing 18+ million euros in the local communities. We stand together with other 30+ humanitarian organizations.

We’ve also developed a global network of "do good places" you may use for responsible purchases, while on vacation! Learn more about the Global Goals

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