Is your company interested in taking its Corporate Social Responsibility to the next level? Team up with WISE, provide an extra incentive to your employees and provide better travel services to everyone involved.

As a social business, all our vacations stand under our "do good travelling" guarantee.

Our projects impact some of the most disadvantaged people, who not only gain access to jobs but also redefine their identity and role in society. 100% of the revenue will go directly where needed the most!

For the modern employee, a decent salary and an appropriate set of responsibilities aren’t necessarily enough to make a job worth pursuing. We've built WISE Corporate to create increased options available to both employers and employees.  As a business person, you know standard offers like health insurance and retirement plans, are still worth consideration, but there are even more exciting, unique perks that you can offer to your employees —such as a vacation budget!

The benefits of offering employees travel options extend to both employees and employers:

1. Boost morale 

The promise of a vacation to a hot destination, like Greece, is usually enough to keep any employee’s morale high. Knowing that a hotel is already booked with a vacation right around the corner can reduce the stress of the “little things” that create ripples throughout the day. An inexpensive, yet highly strategic, not to mention rewarding, morale booster for employees. The thought of going on vacation is enough for most workers to feel better about their positions – which leads to increased employee retention and higher rates of productivity.

2. Relieve stress

The vacations themselves also serve as a form of stress relief. Encouraging your employees to take regular vacations helps keep their stress levels down, which in turn reduces their risk of developing both physical and mental health risks over time.

3. Absence makes the heart grow fonder

No matter how fun and welcoming your office is, everyone needs some time away. Giving your employees an excuse to use that time, wherever they end up going, can help your workers rediscover their interest and motivation in working, leading to higher productivity and job satisfaction overall.

4. Exposure to new cultures 

Going to a place with a different culture, whether that’s somewhere like Japan can help your employees develop new ideas, see things with a new perspective, and ultimately become better thinkers and workers.

How does it work?

Step 1. We set up a meeting to ensure the best-personalized solution for your company.

Step 2. We will create a business account for your company that can also be used to purchase business travel solutions.

Step 3. You create a database of employees and choose personalized memberships individually. 

Each month, an invoice is being generated for your company, and your employees receive an additional budget for their vacation.