WISE for Businesses
Lower your travelling costs and motivate your employees using state of the art technology
Our travel agency provides a unique set of benefits to your company by helping you reach your CSR strategy while lowering the costs of your travelling.
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1. Full corporate travel package

From flights to accommodation and transfers to SPA tickets and medical insurances, we provide over 240.000 travel and touristic services worldwide that you may book now & pay later.

2. Motivate your employees while lowering your monthly costs

According to your national tax laws, you may provide a monthly performance bonus to your employees and their families that is deductible from your expenses.

3. A loyalty program for your business partners

Based on various performance metrics, with WISE you can motivate your distribution network or other partners by providing a travel budget as a reward.

Also included in our partnership

The biggest brands and wholesalers in the industry

As a travel tour-operator, we have signed contracts with the biggest companies in the travel industry to ensure competitive prices.

Live support & experienced travel consultants

Our team includes not just highly skilled programmers, but travel consultants with over 10 years of experience.

Automated corporate invoicing & reporting systems

Track your company’s spending in real time, but also easily track the social impact on all levels of your business.

Some of our features

Book now & pay later

With WISE, you may easily book based on your forecast and cancel for free. As a company partner, you may also book today and pay at term.


Live support and automated price rechecks

Our advanced algorithms are automatically checking the prices of your refundable booked travel services. If the price drops, we give you back the difference.


Awarded travel tour-operator

Our team was awarded over 45 national and international awards, including the prestigious Social Entrepreneur of the Year in the worldwide competition by Ernst & Young!


When you travel, WISE gives back to the community!

WISE provides support for your CSR Campaigns

With every booking your company makes, WISE donates to a charitable cause of your choice – at no added cost to you. Our public relations team makes a video documentary of your social impact and promotes it accordingly.

Meet our verified non-profit partners

Your purchases support the Global Goals

By choosing WISE as your corporate booking partner, you will be supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, at no extra cost.

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Easily track the social impact of your company & its employees

You get a live status of the social impact generated by your company and your employees, based on the social metrics of your non-profit partner, in accordance with the GRI Index standard.

See an example

WISE includes tourist services in over 185 countries

WISE includes tourist services in over 185 countries at affordable prices, most of which can be booked now, and paid later.

Explore our services
Hotels and Apartments
Experiences, Museum tickets, SPA, sporting events
Holidays with up to 70% discounts from our competitors
Car rentals
Charities providing social and commercial services

In addition, our travel agents provide on request

Individual support and counselling
Flight tickets
Medical Insurances
Teambuildings and events
What Legacy Will You Leave Behind?
Next time you travel, choose WISE. We give travelers and companies the opportunity to book their trips at affordable prices, while donating the profit to non-profits. We create global awareness to social enterprises and the projects that truly change local communities.
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