About Us

WISE.travel is part of the ADV Romania Group, one of the largest social enterprises in Romania, and a promoter of the social economy in Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

WISE.travel was established in 2016 as a social enterprise tour operator. It fully reinvests the profit to support the activities of the "Youth Club", a day center established by the ADV Romania Foundation, whose services are accessed by approximately 60 children and young people with disabilities and from vulnerable groups in Iași County.

WISE.travel specializes in VIP and corporate travel. WISE agents have over ten years of experience in the field. A year after its establishment, WISE became one of the biggest partners of TUI Germania in Romania!

WISE.travel is a tour operating agency with a travel broker profile, which offers the best guaranteed price in over 98% of cases. At WISE.travel, a dedicated team of travel brokers is waiting to help you plan your travels.

Starting in 2022, WISE.travel became the first travel broker in Europe.

Among the benefits offered by working with WISE.travel are: planning vacations and business trips with minimum time, effort and resources; personalized offers in accordance to preferences and budget; good prices; specialized advice, assistance and supportLearn more about the advantages of working with a travel broker!).

Our mission statement is “Do good travelling” directly contributing to multiplying good in the community!

In 2016, ADV Romania, the founder of WISE.travel, received the “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” Award in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year international competition. In 2021, ADV Romania was a finalist in the ”Social Economy Award 2021” – Social Economy section.

We invite you to discover the social impact generated by the ADV Romania group and to be a part of our story through the responsible procurement you can make from WISE.travel!

Discover Wise.travel team members

Angela Achiței

General Manager

Our story is written by people and represents their dream to create a better world! Come join us!
Let's build together! Let us be the change that we would like to see around us!

What we do every day ... defines our future!

Adelina Crețu

Founding Member

My education, the specialized studies, the greatest hobby - all lead towards the field in which I have been active and through which I have been breathing for over 13 years.

The enthusiasm for the field and the accumulated know-how led me to WISE travel, a different kind of agency, for which I am proud to be a founding member.

Flavia Iftenie

Travel Broker Manager

Tourism is an endless challenge. Every day has different dynamics, a different tone, a different vibe – I'm always learning new things. Passionate about travel, in a constant hunt for new destinations, I want to be a source of inspiration for passionate travelers.

Alexandra Isac

Senior Travel Broker

I'm Alexandra and I've been part of the WISE.travel team since 2017. I like to think that I'm cheerful and dedicated in everything I do.

Until now, I'm glad that I was able to snorkel in the Red Sea, feel the hot sand on the Cyprus beaches, eat cannoli in Sicily and take a picture near the Eiffel tower.

Of course, the list is long and I have many destinations to mark on the world map.

I truly believe that the best education comes from traveling and I am very happy to show everyone the hidden benefits that a vacation can bring.

Rasmina Romaniuc

Senior Travel Broker

Since discovering this field, I am passionate everything I do, emphasizing attention and perfection.

I enjoy guiding people to memorable trips and experiences.

Mirela Pușcaș

Corporate Event Planner

I have always been passionate about communication and people, so I learned to combine beauty with budget, to create memorable experiences for our customers. Although I have a degree in communication, I was able to discover the beauty of the dynamics behind the organization of events.

The particularity of each event and the need for a complex vision make this field as challenging as it is amazing.

Beatrice Morăraș

Junior Travel Broker

Since being part of the WISE.travel team I have discovered that I enjoy working in this field because I can virtually travel to the destinations I promote to tourists. As a travel consultant I pay close attention to detail and dedicate myself to providing clients with unforgettable vacations.