Fundația Serviciilor Sociale Bethany Iasi
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Fundația Serviciilor Sociale Bethany Iasi

Bethany Social Services Foundation supports children and young people in difficulty by providing social services, educational programs and promoting professional practices in social work. We are committed to families that have lost their balance due to a financial, medical or understanding problem, and we work to find solutions together. We help people discover what is most valuable to them and around them.

Fundația Serviciilor Sociale Bethany Iasi

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Bethany Social Services Foundation is a non-governmental organization, aiming to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged people, particularly children and families, by providing social services, educational programs and promoting professional practices in social work. In Iasi County, Bethany Social Services Foundation currently provides the following services:

• Specialized social services within the Counselling and Support Centre for Parents and Children in Iasi - rehabilitation services for children with special needs, who face developmental or integration difficulties and psychological, social, educational services for their parents;

• Counselling, school guidance and scholarships for students from rural areas in Iasi County; Supporting the performance in the education of children with special merits, but with financial or social difficulties. Developing life skills amongst vulnerable children, creating values and attitudes oriented towards self-development, flexibility, responsibility towards their own school and professional development.

• Psychological and social counselling services for young people aged between 16 and 29 years with behavioural disorders, addictions and chronic diseases in Iasi County;

• Volunteering programs –recruitment, training, and participation of community volunteers in projects for vulnerable children: creative and educational activities with hospitalized children, children with disabilities or children at risk of school dropout, educational campaigns, fundraising events and initiatives.


  • People for People Gala, 2012, Excellence in Community Development Prize
  • The Civil Society Gala, VIIIth Edition, Education and Research Section, Prize for S.O.S! Alege Viata project
  • National Gala of Volunteers byVOLUM Federation – The Federation of Organizations Supporting the Development of Volunteerism in Romania, a finalist in Volunteering Project of The Year Section for Inima Buna project.
  • VIP Gala, CXXVIII Edition, VIP Prize for Balul de La Castel event.
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What do people say about us?

5 of 5 from 4 reviews

Felicia Filip, artist & soprano

25 May 2018 11:39:33

The charitable and cultural projects organized by the Bethany Social Services Foundation tend to become a phenomenon to follow in our society. No matter how busy my agenda is, am always willing to make time for joining their efforts.

Crina Penteleychuk, Manager & Trainer Crilia, contributor

21 May 2018 17:46:13

We put our trust in Bethany team and their effort for empowering and developing the local community. We wanted to offer our resources and they helped us by placing them where it was most needed.

Andrei Gubaş, contributor

21 May 2018 14:45:54

I had the chance to meet a team of professional people, determined, with passion and energy without limits, dedicated to humanitarian aid. I am delighted to have been able to contribute to the progress made by these children and to get to know such authentic models of life.

Daniela Dragan, HR Manager, Code 932

20 May 2018 08:36:01

In a world full of people who want a safe and warm place for themselves and their families, the wonderful human beings from Bethany Social Services Foundation dedicate their lives to helping people who need it the most. I've known them for three years and I can say, with all my heart, that one thing is certain - these people found true meaning and purpose. You can see it in their work, but you can also see it in their eyes every single moment.