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Flegra Palace Hotel 4*, Κασσάνδρα, Ελλάδα

Charming Greece

Jul 8, 2018 - Jul 15, 2018

7 Nights at Flegra Palace

They say that nowhere in Greece can boast beaches like those of Halkidiki.

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They say that nowhere in Greece can boast beaches like those of Halkidiki.

Halkidiki has the perfect combination of that distinctive Greek light, unspoiled landscapes, colours and fragrances.

Kassandra, the westernmost peninsula of Halkidiki, is renowned for its preserved natural beauty, engaging nightlife, annual festivals, and endless entertaining opportunities. And, after marvelous daytime and nighttime activities, the accommodation facilities catering to all types of travelers will take care for your deserved rest.

As you traverse the Kassandra’s coastline, which is splashed by the aquamarine waters of the North Aegean, you’ll be enchanted by everything you see between the pristine and the wild beauty of the northern Kassandra, the sea of greenery at east and entertaining facilities in the west. Numerous beach bars dot the coastline, whose blue-flagged beaches and wooded caps penetrate the marvelous sea. While you are around the Paliouri Beach, take a break at the famous beach bars.

Among the numerous luxurious hotel and apartment complexes, Sani resort is most appealing, to say the least. Natural and artificial craftsmanship complement each other perfectly, and golden sand beaches are tucked between pine forests and crystal clear waters. The Greek goods oversee the Sani resort since it stands in the shadow of the Mount Olympus. Sani festival, featuring modern dance, theatrical performances and arts, is a must-see for any traveler.

Speaking of festivals, Kassandra festival, taking place in Siviri, is another entertaining and educational event. The highlight is concerts and performances based on modern and ancient Greek drama.

Besides Sani on the western coast of Kassandra, you can indulge yourselves with beach parties and other nightlife in Pefkohori, Polichrono and Fourka beach, Posidi  on the eastern side. Seaside taverns, lounges and clubs are plentiful.

Before getting to the nightly entertainment, though, make sure to visit Afitos, the traditional and most beautiful village of Kassandra. Located on the north-eastern side of the peninsula and overlooking a marvelous sandy bay, Afitos is rich in Orthodox Christian churches, stone houses and cobbled streets.

And how better to end a busy day than in the spa located atop the hill, with a view on the sea and surrounded by a pine forest? The thermal spa of Agia Paraskevi offers rejuvenating treatments in its saunas, hydro massage facilities, hammams and swimming pools.


  • Accommodation in an elegant and relaxing room
  • Delicious breakfast
  • Free pool access with sun loungers and umbrellas 
  • Free Wi-Fi

Halkidiki (Halkidice) is a peninsula of distinctive shape located roughly in the center of Macedonia.Geographically it is separated from the rest of Macedonia by an imaginary line throygh Cape Karabournou, Mt. Chortiatis, the hills south of the Langada and Volvi Lakes and the hills south of the Redina Pass. The main peninsula terminates in three smaller ones: Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos (better known among Greeks as Aghion Oros - the Holy Mountain).    The geomorphology of Halkidiki is interesting. It is a sloping geological table, rising from the west to the east. Thus in Kalamaria (west coast) and Kassandra we find most of the plains which are also the most fertile areas, in the center Mt. Chortiatis (1201 m.), Mt. Cholomon (1165 m.) and Itamos (in Sithonia, 811 m.) and at the eastern end the magnificent  massif of Mt. Athos (2033 m.).    The three peninsulas which jut into the Aegean Sea make Halkidiki the prefecture with the longest stretch of coastline in mainland Greece. The coastline of halkidiki is estimated to be more than 500 km., comprising every type of landscape. One finds long sandy beaches in Kalamaria, Nikiti, Toroni and Ierissos; alternating rocks and trees in Sithonia; picturesque small bays in Vourvourou; and impressive rocks at the Capes of Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos. Halkidiki does not have any rivers, and this is one of the reasons why the sea surrounding it, is one of the clearest in greece.    The prefecture of Halkidiki occupies the greatest part of the peninsula, the northwest section is part of the prefecture of Thessaloniki, and the peninsula of Mount Athos is an indepedent administrative district. 

The perfecture of Halkidiki, Northern Greece, is considered one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Greece. Its long and sandy beaches, the amazing landscapes, the lush vegetation and the lovely seaside villages have make this area popular for summer vacations, attracting thousands of visitors every year. Halkidiki is a region with many sightseeing options, from ancient sites and Byzantine towers to monasteries and caves. The Cave of Petralona is a very popular sight in Halkidiki, where prehistoric human traces have been found. Very interesting is also the tower of Prosforio in Ouranoupolis, where the boat to Mount Athos departs from.  

What to do: 

This is one of the most beautiful walks in Halkidiki. It follows a wetland path which meanders along the cliff tops between Sani Resort and Siviri village, with stunning views from the forest to the sea. Rabbits, lizards, turtles and butterflies abound in these woods, depending on the season. Halfway between Sani and Siviri (approx. 5 km) you will walk past the ancient excavations area. People wishing a shorter walk could finish at that point. If you choose to continue on, it will be necessary to arrange a transfer for your return, unless you decide to retrace your steps (20 km). The area is home to unique natural treasures which are not to be found anywhere else in Halkidiki.

This is an easy walk through the woods which skirt the long sandy Bousoulas beach, with views across the wetlands and the bird sanctuary. The sea is never too far away for a dip, and the forest provides natural shade. This trail eventually meanders through the wetland bird sanctuary, which stretches over hundreds of acres and has been declared a European Important Bird Area, by the international organisation BirdLife International as well as being a Natura protected area. It is ideal for birdwatching, and home to more than 180 different kinds of birds, depending on the season, including migrating mute swans, black winged stilts and little egrets. 


Just 15 km distance from Sani, Athitos or Afitos is one of the most picturesque villages in Halkidiki and is very different to anything else around it. The village has its own architectural style, with old stone-built houses, coming straight from previous centuries. You can stroll down the cobblestone alleys, smelling the flowers that are everywhere and relax at one of the traditional taverns. The village overlooks the peninsula of Sithonia and offers a fantastic view to the Toroneos Gulf. It’s a relaxing way to pass the time and you can also make the best of the turquoise waters and relaxing beach bars.

Vibrant Thessaloniki is Greece’s second largest city and the capital of Macedonia (also voted “Best Mid-Sized European city for human capital and lifestyle” by Financial Times in 2014). It offers a rich cultural and historical heritage as well as a cosmopolitan café life. On this excursion, you will visit the Archaeological Museum, the White Tower, some of the splendid churches including the Byzantine church of St. Dimitrios and climb up the Acropolis (highest point) to enjoy a panoramic view of the city. Naturally, there’s also time to enjoy the shopping and cafés downtown.


An incredible chance to discover the secrets of Halkidiki. Driving through mountains and forests you will visit the capital, Poligiros before visiting the traditional village Arnea. Enjoy one last stay at the small village of Pyrkadikia before returning to Sani.


Enjoy the ever-changing landscape pass you by on this wonderful day out towards Porto Koufo, where you will find some stunning scenery and beautiful views across the southern tip of this middle peninsula. Sithonia is more rugged than the Kassandra peninsula and therefore less populated. The scenery has been likened to that of Switzerland with its pine trees forming a backdrop to the lonely beaches. The Parthenon of the North Parthenonas, 10km from Marmaras (an abandoned and forgotten village until the late 1980’s), is definitely worth exploring. With its traditional architecture and stone-paved streets, this is a village of unusual beauty – with fabulous views out over the Aegean.


The caves of Petralona lie about 30 km from Sani and are a very popular half-day excursion. When you enter the caves of Petralona, it’s like embarking on a voyage to the beginning of time with fascinating stalactites and stalagmites including the remains of what is thought to be the oldest in Europe - 700,000 years old. The caves are also considered among the most important monuments of human prehistory with finds including the fossilised cranium of a prehistoric man.


Travel to Ormos Panagias on the top eastern corner of the Sithonia Peninsula and then sail with a boat towards Mount Athos – where you can take amazing pictures of the “Holy Mountain” and its fantastic monasteries. The Garden of the Virgin - the Mt. Athos peninsula - and even when viewed from the sea its rare and unspoiled beauty will cast its spell. This peninsula is the only monastic republic within Europe and is ruled by the 1700 monks who live in its monasteries. The monasteries are built in a unique style and are located at the most beautiful parts of the peninsula. After the cruise, you can stop for lunch in the traditional village of Ouranoupolis.


Be prepared for an early start for this day excursion to Vergina (80km south-west of Thessaloniki) and one of the most historic places in Greece and the old capital of the ancient Macedonia state. Some of the most important remains are the palace, lavishly decorated with mosaics and painted stuccoes, and the burial ground with more than 300 tumuli, some of which date from the 11th century B.C. The tomb of the Macedonian King Philip, father of Alexander the Great is recognised as a Monument of World Heritage by UNESCO. Philip's tomb complete with its unique valuables are kept in a specially designed museum.


An early start takes you through fertile plains to Mount Olympus then on to Kalampaka, a small town at the foot of Meteora - the “stone forest of Christ”. Those who see Meteora for the first time believe it to be a geological miracle with thousands of rocks, merging to form an almost unearthly sight. Wanting to be closer to God, bold monks built monasteries on the peaks of these rocks and lived as true hermits for more than 600 hundred years. The katholika (central parts of churches) of the monasteries have been painted by skilled religious painters from the late Byzantine years and still hanging from the towers are the nets that the monks used for ascending and descending. Today, six monasteries survive and are included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The excursion takes you through mountains, forests, vineyards, gardens and fruit fields. You will visit the capital of Halkidiki, Poligiros and continue to the picturesque Arnea, famed for its excellent wines and wonderful textiles. You can meet with members of the local wine union for a wine tasting. Alternatively, you can combine a visit to the sights of Thessaloniki with a visit to the small town of Epanomi and a tour of a local winery.             

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The 4* Flegra Palace is located close to Pefkochori village, one of the most cosmopolitan places in Kassandra, the first peninsula of Halkidiki.
The surrounded by a flourish picturesque landscape Flegra Palace is situated at a mere distance of 150m from the beach and 500m from the center of Pefkohori village. The Macedonia airport of Thessaloniki (SKG) is about 100 km away while there is a bus stop right in front of the hotel.
It consists of various room types with unique decoration that can serve all our guests’ preferences. From Double Standard and Superior Rooms to Executive Double Rooms, Family Suites and Grand Suites.
Throughout days and nights you can relax and enjoy:
‘‘Bar Soleil’’ : a sophisticated ambience with a glass bottom platform where you can relish your coffee or a freshener cocktail along with snacks
”Ambrosia” : an overlooking to the pool ‘a la carte’ restaurant where you can taste our wonderful dishes inspired by the Mediterranean Greek diet
“Titanes”: is a buffet restaurant for breakfast and dinner that promises a pleasure for every culinary journey
The younger guests can also enjoy their stay, as there is a separate children pool and playground.
The pleasant atmosphere combined with warm and friendly customer service composes the ideal conditions for unforgettable and relaxing holidays.

Hotel Reception

Check in : 02 PM
Check out : 12 PM

Hotel Amenities

Laundry Service
Wi-Fi Internet
Bar Lounge
Swimming Pool
Children Activites
Air Conditioner

This vacation stands under our "do good travelling" guarantee. Our projects impact some of the most disadvantaged people, who not only gain access to jobs, but also redefine their identity and role in society. 100% of the revenue will go directly where needed the most!

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