A Sea Of Tranquility at Isrotel Agamim

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Isrotel Agamim, Kampen Street, Eilat, Israel

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Double Pool View

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Description :

A comfortable and intimate room facing the pool with balcony (4th floor)

The room includes: a double bed, reading lamps, desk, a bathroom with a bath tub. The room has a balcony with 2 chairs and a small table.

Guests may order a hair dryer for a deposit.

Size: 22 m2 (terrace of 6 m2).

Room Amenities :

  • Hair dryer
  • Safe
  • Shower/tub combination
  • Air conditioning
  • Cribs/infant beds available
  • Iron/ironing board (on request)
  • Minibar
  • LCD TV
  • Private bathroom


Accommodation in a comfortable room with pool view
Delicious buffet breakfast
Free Wi-Fi connection is available in all rooms and public areas
Free parking 
Free Access to Gym

The land of eternal sun!

Eilat, the southernmost city in the country, is considered the undisputed holiday capital of Israel. Geographically, the Gulf of Eilat is located at the edge of a long narrow estuary separating the Arabian Peninsula and the Sinai desert. As an oasis on the shores of the Red Sea, Eilat provides visitors with a spectacular combination of mountainous desert landscape, a beautiful bay and the summer sun that shines all through the year. Without a doubt, Eilat is one of the most unique cities in Israel, and one of the most exclusive resorts in the world, that attracts as much as 2.8 million visitors per year.

The city is home to dozens of hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, bars and clubs. It provides a variety of attractions aimed at all types of vacationers. Diving enthusiasts, especially, will enjoy one of the most beautiful diving sites in the world with a spectacular coral reef and underwater wildlife. Not like many other resort towns, the city of Eilat has a lot to offer nature lovers as well, with the beautiful Arava desert north of the city, you can hike, cycle or drive through the many amazing trails.

Initially, Eilat was a remote and secluded city. However, since the official opening of Eilat airport, in the early 60's, the southernmost city began to grow and develop rapidly until it becomes a vibrant city that never ceases to innovate and re-justify, year after year, the title of- the most popular tourist destination on the shores of the Red Sea.

Today Eilat's territory is about 87,000 hectares and it is home to about 60,000 residents. It is the fourth largest in jurisdiction in the country. Tourism is a major employment sector in the city, with dozens of hotels and guest houses that offer more than 10,000 rooms. In 1985 Eilat was declared as a "free trade zone", which means - Tax-Free, a status that also attracts many tourists.

We all dream of the perfect vacation, enjoying the best of what the city has to offer. With such a wide variety of attractions and activities, it's sometimes hard to decide how to spend your vacation. Below is a brief guide to Eilat's best attractions.

A sea of tranquillity
The best way to relax and recharge in Eilat is to have a spa day or for some people, go diving, luckily, Eilat has plenty of both. If a nice spa day is what you're after, Eilat has many spa facilities and alternative therapists from a variety of fields. Reiki, reflexology, shiatsu, all types of massage, water massage, hydrotherapy pools, aromatherapy and even a fish spa. For a relaxing underwater experience, you can choose between taking a scuba diving course with gear or go free diving with a snorkel. To enjoy diving in Eilat you should visit the southern beaches of Eilat, such as the Aqua Sports beach, the Lighthouse Beach and more. Another recommended way to relax, which is also suitable for children, is to "touch the sky", a tourist attraction that takes you flying in hot air balloons over the amazing city.

There is plenty to see out of the sea
Around Eilat, there are many amazing hiking trails varying in difficulty. The variety of guided tours range from extreme tours that include rappelling down cliffs (Look for "NegevLand Extreme", "Glitch" and Discoveries "), through tours inspired by stories from the Bible, to camel rides, donkeys, ATV and Jeep. There are also incredible guided tours to Egypt and Jordan.

Dry as the arid Negev? Let's return to the water
Watersport attractions in Eilat are highly renowned throughout the country, mostly with younger people who flock to the southern city in the summer for some good old-fashioned fun. Water skiing, tubing, motor boats, pedal boats, kayaks, parasailing, are available pretty much everywhere along the Eilat coastline. If you're not into getting wet, you can set sail on one of the luxurious yachts based in two marinas. Cruises usually include great music, refreshments (from light refreshments to gourmet meals, barbecue, and obviously alcohol), and of course swimming and snorkelling, which is amazing when you're in the middle of the sea.

The Red Canyon

About 20 km from Eilat, is one of the most enjoyable tracks in the region - the Red Canyon. The red Nubian Sandstone of the red canyon has been sculpted over many years by water and wind, transforming the Canyon walls, and making this unique site a masterpiece. Along the track, you'll come across handrails and ladders to help you descend easily and safely.

Despite most of the track is inside a shaded river channel, it's important to take a hat and a bottle of water with you. Starting from the parking lot, you will come across two kinds of trail markings - green and black. The green trail will lead you easily into the river channel, to a short, fun route, that spills in the end to a larger channel, called the second creek. The black trail is a bit more difficult. It will lead you climbing to a beautiful view of the river channel. Note that after the climb you will have to descend down a steep drop, so go down carefully and you will eventually reach the same second creek.

At some point, walking the second creek, you will come across a massive beautiful rock, which seems as if it is bursting from the ground. At this point, you can take a break to climb the rock and take some pictures. After that continue following the green trail leading into the Red Canyon. This route keeps getting narrower, revealing the power of nature in all its glory.

Eilat is an oddity in Israel, because it has so many tourists (many of the tourists are still Israelis). Located at the southern-most tip of the country, within its small "window on the Red Sea", Eilat is first and foremost a resort town these days, devoted to sun, fun, diving, partying and desert-based activities. 320 km (200 miles) away from the tension often felt in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, Eilat is a convenient escape for Israelis on vacation, but during the mild winter months also attracts thousands of European sun-seekers.

Eilat (pop 85,000) is the southernmost town in Israel, isolated from the rest of the country by the Negev desert. It is sprawled along 7 kilometers of Red Sea coastline, between the borders of Egypt and Jordan, and offers spectacular views of the Gulf of Aqaba. Originally a strategic military outpost, Eilat's first incarnation was as a port, used for importing goods from Asia, such as oil and vehicles. In the 1970s, tourists began visiting Eilat. They were attracted by the coral reefs, sandy beaches, and the dry and sunny desert climate. The town began to develop, and tourism has become its main industry, serving as a popular holiday destination for Israelis and foreigners alike. Owing to being resort driven it is sometimes called the Ibiza or Las Vegas of Israel.

What to See:

The main beach is in the North beach, and many of the major hotels are situated here. The south beach area (Coral Beach) is protected by the Israel Nature Reserve authority, but recent years have seen a decline in the marine life and reef quality. Fortunately, since the removal of the controversial fish cages from the Gulf water in 2008, a steady recovery of corals has been seen at all dive sites. While many divers head south to the Egyptian Sinai coast to Dahab or Sharm el-Sheikh, to experience better diving conditions, many divers still prefer Eilat, with far smaller crowds, interesting macro life and easy, unpressured surface entries.

  • Coral Beach - is the best place for scuba diving and located here are some of the best dive clubs in Israel offering technical diving courses, rebreather, nitrox, tri-mix etc.. The whole coastal area is protected by the nature reserve authority and divers are expected to follow regulations. The south beach is a great place for snorkeling, windsurfing and kite-surfing plus it has fantastic views over the bay. 
  • Underwater Observatory. - One of Eilat's most popular attractions is a good way to view the Red Sea marine life without getting wet. It's white tower (Eilat's most famous landmark) offers great views above water and goes below the surface where the marine life is seen in two underground rooms. In the marine parks aquariums are sharks, sting rays and turtles, plus lots of multi colored Red Sea fish. The huge glass windows allow visitors to get a great view the tanks occupants. The Oceanarium (extra NIS 10) simulator is a bit dated (lower resolution, no 3D) may be a lot of fun for kids - a little scary for the smaller ones though - but rather not for adults. There are different shows at different times like shark feeding or opening oysters for pearls. Ticket is valid for 3 days but you must ask for the free return photo at the photo booth. All in all it's a nice family morning out.
  • Dolphin Reef , South Beach (3 km south of town towards the Egyptian border). Not just a tourist trap, the staff actually works to rehabilitate dolphins for life in the open sea - from whence they came. However in the past, the occasional release of the dolphins into the bay resulted in the immediate consumption of many of the nearby coral reef's inhabitants. The dolphin release project is since on hold. Various paid options are available for interacting with the dolphins, starting with snorkeling with the dolphins at NIS 227. It's a very nice beach with lots of small pools and rich shrubbery. It has a fantastic spa (relaxation pools) and is well worth a visit. For those who want to get up-close to a dolphin book your swim or dive as early in the morning as you can. The dolphins get weary of as the day goes on. Piers leading out onto the water allow everyone to get as near to the dolphins - as the dolphins want.
  • "What's Up" The Observatory of Eilat and the Arava, "What's Up" has begun a new show. With the addition of a special camera we can show you the deep sky as well as the moon and planets on a computer screen rather then through the eyepiece of the telescope. We can now collect photons in a way the eye could never do and see the wonders of the sky in living color. Watch the image build as the light is collected and hear tales about the personalities of the heavens as well as scientific explanation of what is going on up there. "What's Up" is suitable for all ages as well as being accessible to the handicapped although there are no toilet facilities at the site. What's Up" The Observatory of Eilat and the Arava, besides stargazing programs, now offers campfires, camping and hiking programs led by Colin Porter a licensed tour guide.
  • Hai Bar a spectacular Zoo that its mission is to train animals to live in wild conditions to be released again into the wild, includes animal such as the Ostrich and the Arabian Oryx.
  • Timna Valley - The Timna Valley is located in southern Israel in the southwestern Arabah, approximately 30 kilometres (19 mi) north of the Gulf of Aqaba and the town of Eilat.
  • Red Canyon
  • Eilat Mountains Nature Reserve - the most attractive nature reserve in the Negev Desert, climbing the high mountains of Eilat and take a wonderful view of Eilat and Aqaba, the Fauna includes Striped Hyena, Wolfs, Foxes, Caracal, Rock Hyrax, Dorcas Gazelle and Nubian Ibex


What to Do

  • The Negev desert surrounds Eilat and its scenic Eilat Mountains Nature Reserve has some of the most spectacular desert routes in Israel. Trails include ancient trading routes and the Great Rift Valley. Desert Hiking, 4x4 jeep tours and camel treks are major attractions in this area of the Negev desert.
  • Every summer, the Red City music festival is held in Eilat (sponsored by 99 ESC radio station.) This beach festival is held on the beach and consists of consecutive days of all night performances (Hip-Hop, rock and especially trance)
  • Red Sea Jazz Festival This annual event takes place in the last week of August and Jazz musicians from all over the world come to Eilat, for a week of fun, sun and lots of Jazz.
  • Kite surfing, Eilat is one of the best locations in the world for learning how to kitesurf. The weather and sea conditions are perfect for beginers with steady northern winds and a calm sea. KiteXEilat offers various beginners classess.  
  • Scuba Diving. No license and no experience necessary SCUBA diving. As is legal in Eilat, an experienced dive master will accompany you on what could be your first ever SCUBA experience. They provide a short tutorial of the basics, and worry about all the technical details leaving you able to concerning yourself solely with breathing--and of course observing the magnificent neon subaquatic landscape.
  • Snorkeling, Along the southern beach (anywhere public). If you don't want to splurge on SCUBA diving you can still see a clown fish or two by snorkeling along the south beach. You can rent the equipment usually from a Kiosk nearby. Rental of snorkel and flippers.
  • Nightmare horror maze.  Fun and crazy horror maze! 

Eilat is packed with activities for children. First of all, pretty much every hotel has a variety of shows and activities for kids, which is always great when you want to sit by the pool undisturbed. Other exciting activities include bullet Flying, trampoline (mini bungee children, fear maze, IMAX theatre, dolphin reef and the underwater observatory.

The Red Canyon in the Eilat Mountains is one of Israel’s most beautiful yet accessible hiking trails. Twenty minutes north of Eilat, the Red Canyon offers an undisturbed hike through the natural canyons. The Red Canyon gets its name from the phenomenon which occurs when sunlight hits the reddish rock that lines the canyon, giving it an intense reddish color. The rock is varied in color and in patches is shades of white and yellow.

The green trail at the Red Canyon is considered to be family friendly, well marked, and relatively short. The descent leads down into the river bed and there is then a short fun trail leading to the second creek. The black trail is a more challenging descent down into the second creek. Walking through the second creek, you will reach a large rock which projects from the river bed. From atop this rock there is one of the most perfect photo spots in the area. As you continue to walk along the second creek, the sides of the canyon will narrow into what is known as the ‘Red Canyon’. The trail takes around 75 minutes to complete.

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Young people or the young at heart, everyone who misses the peace and quiet of Sinai Beaches in the past - Agamim Hotel is the right place for you!

In the middle of the hotel, a lagoon-like pool with small bays branching out of it. The hotel is known for its "on the water" rooms which open onto the main pool. The resort's name, Agamim (lakes) is derived from these private pools entries. The atmosphere is very relaxed, no loud music or noises just chill-out music and vibes between the hammocks, sitting areas and hang out zones. Visitors may enjoy the fantastic pool bar, order fruits shakes or cocktails and then… do nothing at all. 

All two-hundred eighty eight Isrotel Agamim rooms are built in 3 edges around the main lagoon and face the pool. The public areas (reception and restaurant) are located in a separate area, so guests enjoy peace and quiet, as well as complete privacy. The area surrounding the main pool is a tropical garden with hammocks and sitting areas under the sun or in the shade. Sun balconies of the "on the water" rooms are located around the pool and garden. You can enjoy a green scenery as well as the water streams and creeks flowing right next to the "on the water" rooms (the ground floor rooms throughout the hotel).

The ground floor rooms open to partly shaded private balconies with a wooden deck and lounge chairs. You can jump from the terrace and swim to the main lagoon.

Agamim Hotel's main feature is the relaxed vibe. In order to maintain things calm and quiet, there is no entertainment program. However, guests can easily arrive at Eilat boardwalk or city centre and enjoy a selection of cafes, bars and clubs.

Breeze' Dining Room
The restaurant is designed as a self-serve food market, guests visit each stand and choose their favourite dishes. Start your day with a vast array of salads, quiches, pastries, cheeses and much more (breakfast is served until 12 noon). At dinner time the chefs cook in front of the diners according to their orders. The hotel serves dishes in 4 styles: Asian, Italian, BBQ and "On the Knife" - beef and chicken dishes.

Next to the restaurant, a vast balcony, facing the lagoon.

Macchiato Lobby Bar
An elegant lobby bar with a terrace, located in a quiet spot, facing the pool. The menu includes hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, salads and light meals. In the evening - chill out music and candlelight that create an intimate atmosphere.

Chill Out Bar- Drinks and light meals by the pool

A cosy corner on the pool serving light meals: stir-fried Asian favourites, burgers, sandwiches, soft drinks, fruit shakes, alcoholic drinks and ice creams.

Kids Club- Variety of relaxing activities for children
Kids club in Isrotel Agamim is a magical and quiet area with a variety of relaxing activities for children: story times, creative craft workshops, puppet theatre, computer games, toys and more.

Esprit Spa - Isrotel Agamim
Esprit, the spa brand of Isrotel, offers Agamim Hotel guests comfortable treatment rooms and a wide array of spa therapies: massages, body treatments and beauty care. Gym - admission is free for Agamim guests. To use the gym, guests must be at least 18 years of age and fill in a health declaration form at the spa reception.

The hotel shop
In hotel shop you can find: Cosmetics by ‘Dermalogica’ and ‘Christina’  used at spa treatments, handmade jewellery, designers clothes, toys, handbags, swimming pool supplies, room fragrances by “Exclusive collection” brand, gifts and more.

Hotel Reception

Check in : 03 PM
Check out : 02 PM

Hotel Amenities

Disabled Facilities
Laundry Service
Wi-Fi Internet
Bar Lounge
Swimming Pool
Fitness Center
Children Activites

You travel. WISE donates! Booking A Sea of Tranquility at the best price includes a donation to your favorite charity, at no extra cost! We brought 18+ million euros to local communities providing social services to 150.000+ people from vulnerable groups. We support #GlobalGoals.

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