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Hotel Budva, Slovenska Obala, Budva, Muntenegru

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Description :

With modern contemporary design, elegant furnishings and high class equipment, all the rooms are designed to satisfy experienced traveler and to provide them with superb comfort. Each room feature premier amenities such as : high-speed Wi-Fi, smart TV, self adjustable air-conditioning, direct telephone line, minibar and safe. Marble bathroom including walk-in shower with rain shower head, luxury toiletries and hair dryer provide full enjoyment.
Every room has a small working desk, walk-in wardrobe and saloon chair. All rooms are equipped with soundproof windows and fireproof doors.
Baby crib is available upon request.

Room Amenities :

  • Hair dryer
  • Safe
  • Makeup/shaving mirror
  • Shower/tub combination
  • Air conditioning
  • Cribs/infant beds available
  • Wi-Fi
  • Minibar
  • Satellite TV service
  • Direct-dial phone
  • Hypo-allergenic bedding available
  • LCD TV
  • Wake-up calls
  • Room Service


  • Accommodation in modern twin room 
  • Beautiful Sea Side View 
  • Delicious Breakfast
  • Free Wi-Fi

Exotic landscapes do not always have to be far away and difficult to approach. In the heart of the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, Budva is awaiting you and your unforgettable holiday is yet to begin.

The town of Budva, heart of the Budva Riviera, has been in existence for 2000 years that have left many traces. A first glance reveals the stone walls encompassing the Old Town.

When you enter the Old Walled City, You enter another world!

Hidden behind these imposing ramparts is a network of narrow streets and squares,home to historic churches, galleries, cafes, bars, restaurants, shops and boutiques. A first meeting opens up a whole world of light, characteristic of the Town – Theater. The events taking place on Poets’ Square, the Song of the Mediterranean international festival, open-air theater performances, plus the traditionally warm hospitality are only a part of inexhaustible charm which Budva bestows on every visitor. The old town is renowned for its historic and artistic heritage and is in perfect harmony with the local landscape of beautiful mountains and magnificent beaches.

If your characteristics are strong will, persistency, courage, extra energy and the desire for the adrenaline, Budva is surely the place for you. Probably the words like: paragliding, aqua ski, bungee jumping… sound interesting to you, but if you experience all of that in one day, on one place, then that is the reason for you to com e to Budva and feel the allures of those challenges.

The ride with the paraglide begins at 760 meters above sea level from the take over point on Brajici. Stirring the paraglide with the aid of the instructor, you will have a chance to enjoy in the unforgettable and alluring sights on Budva Riviera.

The excitement will be if you decide for bungee – jumping. The platform which is 40 meters high, and is situated not far away from the cove in the ending part of the Slovenska beach.

Budva is ready for the water skiers. Aqua ski cable railway is situated on the Becici beach. The cable railway offers possibilities of great fun to all of those who wish to have an active and more exciting vacation in Budva Riviera. Aqua ski cable railway is meant for the curious tourists as well as to the top sportsmen, and beginners, because the trainee instructors are always on the spot, present.

For the lovers of depths in Budva there are several diving clubs. With the professional and expert aid they offer the entire training and adequate equipment. As the water temperature during the summer goes from 21 to 25C the diving is more than pleasing and it simply attracts you to research the depths.


Budva is the metropolis of Montenegrin tourism thanks to the great number of beaches and hotels that make this a most desirable tourist destination.
Apart from its natural beauty, its bay islands and beaches for example, Budva is rich in historic monuments.

The old town is Budva’s trademark. It is raised on the island, which used to be connected for the land by a sandy covering and so it grew into a peninsula. The Old Budva’s town is a unique architectonic and urban entity, which is mentioned as a lodgment even in the antique period. Budva according to those sources is one of the oldest urban centers in the Adriatic; it is more than 2.500 years old. The walls of the Old town were, and are even today, the attraction for both the tourists from the country as well as for those from the farthest parts of the world. They date from the middle century, when in these areas Venetians ruled. Certain damages the urban nucleus of the Old town experienced twice, first in 1667., and then in 1979. in great earthquakes.
When for the first time you visit the old Budva’s town maybe you will think that you are in a labyrinth, because of the braided streets, squares, bulwarks and towers from the late middle century.

In the Old town a city fortress Citadela (Citadel) is placed, which dates from the V – VI century B.C., which is today a stage of the famous City theater.

In town there are also Church of Sveti Ivan (St. Ivan) – a monumental basilica with three transepts, which was built in VII century, the oldest edifice Sveta Marija (St. Marija) from Punta from 840 A.D., and also the church of Sveti Trojica (St. Trinity) built in 1804. year.

The Island Sveti Stefan is today best known as a fashionable summer resort. With the sandy covering it is connected to the land, and such islands, which today are very rare, are called “tombolo”. A famous tribe Pastrovici, used this place in the past, more specifically through the XV century for the defense from the enemies, and today that place reminds us about that through the cannon openings and cannons that are kept as a memory and reminder of the past times.   The interior of the town is made of curvy, narrow streets. We also have picturesque squares, 3 churches, and the hotel sweets are found in the elegant houses made in the Mediterranean style.
Sveti Stefan is a summer resort for elite tourists and for the tourists who crave for glamour. When at the end of the 1940’s a decision was brought which said that this place should be turned into a tourist facility, a creation of new history began for Sveti Stefan. Its glory from then until now to world is presented by actors like Sofia Loren and Carlo Bruni, as well as the presidents of the majority of countries of the world, singer, scientists and many others. English princess Margaret stayed as well as Italian King Umberto II of Savoy, famous world actors like: Kirk Douglas, Doris Day, Geraldine Chaplin, Sidney Poatie, Richard Vidmark, Sylvester Stallone, Jeremy Irons… Famous literates Andre Marlow and Alberto Moravia, also stayed in Sveti Stefan, also Soviet astronaut Yuri Gagarin, famous chess master Robert Fisher, as well as the most beautiful women in the world Claudia Shifer. The majority of the mentioned “crowned heads” stayed in the villa 118, which is a part of the hotel complex “Sveti Stefan”. For that exclusive villa, the price of staying is negotiated with the leaser. The starting price is 1.500 euros a day.

In 1972. year Sveti Stefan got a reward “Golden apple”, as the most exclusive summer resort in the world. In its immediate vicinity a former king’s summer residence is situated, which is today hotel Milocer.

The attractive Island Sveti Nikola popularly named Hawaii near Budva, is another attraction of Budva Riviera. According to some sources, the island used to be connected with the town by a sandy sandbar, popularly called “tunja”.
To the island beaches and numerous capes the easiest way to get is by taxi boats, or barges. When you already have reached the destination a translucent and clear see will await you, as well as the blue sky, sunbeams and the smells and tastes of the Mediterranean. One-day trip to the island offer you swimming, researching, if you get in such a project by yourself or you can just simply enjoy in the sea, peace and Mediterranean.

Today the island is privatized in one part, and in that part there is a new restaurant, two modernly arranged beaches. A building of the marina is planed also in that part of the island. The island is full of deers, rabbits, roe deers, birds… as well as some rare floral kinds. It is covered with thick conifers, pine, and spruce forest. With its greatest part the island reminds to a non – sufficiently examined parts, which are craving for new Robinson Crusoes.

It used to have the name of  Kastel Lastva, and today it is called Petrovac on the sea. Petrovac is a very nice little place at about half the way from Budva to Bar. As a lodgment it is mentioned at the end of the XVIII and at the beginning of the XIX century. The town is found in the sandy bay, encircled with the thick pine forests. It used to be mainly a fishing lodgment. The thick pine forests and olive groves, the clean sea, and the wonderful beaches, that surround Petrovac, make this place, to the guests who from year to year are coming back to Petrovac, pleasant for staying.
The beach Lucice during the summer is full of visitors, but beside its attractiveness and numerous lovers it remained naturally intact. From the center of the town that beach is 500 meters away, going to the south. The nightlife in the town mostly takes place on Petrovac Riva and along the promenade towards the hotel Riviera. During the summer all the cafés are filled with young and beautiful people. From the open – air terraces and discothèques one can hear the sounds of modern music and dance.

The museum of the town Budva is situated in the very center of the Old town. Even though Budva is more than 2.5 millenniums old, it awaited for its museum in the last 20 years. Beside the antiques visitors are offered by the museum of the town with the exhibits that mark Budva from the creation of the town until nowadays.
Those are various items with Hellenic traits, various vases, jewelry, ornaments, tool, eating utensils, the items made of glass and clay, of unusual designs and shapes, silver dishes and many other items that have been waiting for years to be discovered and are now kept in the building of the museum in Budva. The items in the museum testify about both life and historical conditions of this part of the Mediterranean, with ethno genesis, which is made of pervasion of various cultures: Illyrian, Greek. Roman, Byzantine, Slovenian and others, as well as about the specific profile lead down to the art, archeology and ethnography of this area.

Budva has 25 kilometers of jagged coast. The climate in Budva is typically Mediterranean, which means that the winters are mild and summers usually dry and very hot. Budva has 2.300 sunny hours per year. The temperature of the seawater during the summer is between 21 and 25 degrees celsius.

On the Riviera with pearly beaches, as Budva is also called, we have: 2 km away from Budva is the beach Jaz, 200 meters away from the Old town there are beaches: Mogren I and II, next to the walls of the Old town we have the beach called Ricardova glava (Richard’s head). Beside the Budva Riva we have the beach Pizana, along the shore in Budva we have Slovenska plaza (Slovenian beach), and in the middle part of Budva Riviera we have Becici beach.

6 kilometers away from Budva there is the beach Kamenovo, 300 meters away we have the beach Przno, then two beaches beside the well known King’s residence of Karadjordjevic – Milocer. Some 9 kilometers away from Budva there are two beaches on Sveti Stefan (St. Stefan), nudist beach Crvena glavica (Little red head), and 10 kilometers on the way from Budva to Petrovac is the beach Drobni pijesak (crushed sand).
On the other end of the municipality of Budva is Petrovac, in which we have a city beach, 500 kilometers from Petrovac we have Lucice, and 2 kilometers away is beach Buljarica.

If you are a guest that is for the first time visiting Montenegro or Budva, the heads of the house will welcome you with fritters (sweet small round sweet) and homemade honey with the domestic brandy, made of the first class grape, often on the table you will find dried figs, that were picked in the previous summer, dried on the sun and in the wind, of very sweet taste and alluring scent.

The largest part of the shops and boutiques that offer the wide spectrum of the choice of the wardrobe mostly of all the world fashion designers and creators, of all patterns, colors and styles, can be found in Budva’s Old town. Nicely arranged boutiques and store windows are alike to numerous shops in world metropolises.

Next to those shops there are perfume shops, which offer the products of the distinguished cosmetic brands, jewelry shops, photograph shops, bookshops, libraries, children boutiques, cafés, pizzerias etc…

If you get tired of going through boutiques in the Old Budva’s town, or down the main promenade that is next to the shore, you can also shop on the summer bazaar.

The summer bazaar is situated next to the Budva’s promenade, and it offers various goods, clothes, gallantry, beach equipment, various souvenirs etc…

Not far from the Old town there are also several selling objects, and a city market.

Night bars, terraces, discothèques in the open air are a real attraction for all young people, especially in the long sleepless summer nights. For many tourists, Budva’s nights are indeed the most interesting and the most complete part of their summer vacation. During the last 15 years Budva has become a synonym of the most famous tourist town for young people. During the summer town is filled with various kinds of music, from pop, folk, techno, to rave, and often we have various competitions for the girl of the beach, girl of the summer, karaoke, various shows and dance programs.

As Budva is interesting for young people, it is not less interesting for somewhat older generations. Beside the nicely arranged restaurant open restaurants, in which along with the high quality vines, various aperitifs and the sounds of easy music you can enjoy until the dawn, the tourists of more sophisticated tastes and desires they have at their disposal numerous fine art exhibitions, musical and literate nights that are held in numerous hotels, and the are a part of the cultural summer on the traditional festival Budva Town theatre.

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Hotel Budva is a newly-built four+ star hotel that enjoys a perfect location in the heart of Budva's city centre. It is situated on the main promenade, just by the sea and in immediate vicinity to the Old Town and Marina. Surrounded by a shopping mall, numerous beach bars, night clubs and discos, Hotel Budva is the perfect choice if you like to experience the attractive day and night life of the town of Budva.

It takes less than 30 minutes to arrive from the Hotel Budva to the airport of Tivat, while the Podgorica Airport is an hour drive away.

Budva is a specific Mediterranean combination of landscape, history and culture in the south part of the Adriatic coast. Inside and in the near vicinity, Budva hides a unique history over two and a half millenniums long, positioning it among the oldest urban centers of the area.

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