Lanzarote...a Sustainable Love Story at Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa
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Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa, Arrecife, Spania

Lanzarote...a Sustainable Love Story

Jun 18, 2018 - Jun 24, 2018

6 Nights at Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa

El paraiso esta muy cerca

€105 / Night

Double Or Twin Room Sea View

Adults 2
Check-in: Jun 18, 2018
Check-out: Jun 24, 2018
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Description :

With marvellous views over the bay of Arrecife they offer an exclusive level of comfort. The inside of the room is filled with light thanks to the big windows. They have also a very warm decoration. The Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa wishes you pleasant and unique vacations on the island of Lanzarote.

  • Size of the room: 30m2
  • Type of bed: Twin or king size

Room Amenities :

  • Bathroom phone
  • Climate control
  • Hair dryer
  • Safe
  • Shower/tub combination
  • Air conditioning
  • Wi-Fi
  • Iron/ironing board (on request)
  • Minibar
  • Satellite TV service
  • Slippers
  • Bathrobes
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Direct-dial phone
  • LCD TV
  • Private bathroom
  • Room Service


  • Accommodation in a very warm decorated room
  • Marvellous views over the bay of Arrecife 
  • Breakfast 
  • Mineral water included on arrival
  • Coffee and tea service included

El paraiso esta muy cerca

Lanzarote is an island of extreme beauty, year round sunshine, and so much to do and see. If you decide to take your holiday here you will not be disappointed.The fourth largest of the Canary Islands shares common characteristics with the others, but is also unique due to its fiery past. Massive volcanic eruptions between 1730-1736 covered much of the island in lava, creating the incredible landscape you will see today.

As with the other Canary Islands, Lanzarote is Volcanic in origin. Due to the recent eruptions in the 18th and 19th Centuries, many parts of Lanzarote appear to be from another world, often described as 'lunar' or 'Martian', so much so that parts of 'Planet of the Apes' were shot here.  The dry climate (and lack of erosion) means that the Volcanic Landscape appears much as it did just after the eruptions.

Amongst the many stunning Volcanic features of Lanzarote is the longest Volcanic Tunnel in the world, Cueva de los Verdes, which is over 7 km long. Despite the Volcanic nature of the island, Lanzarote has several beautiful white beaches such as at Playa Blanca and Papagayo.

Local authority regulations on the amount and style of development mean that there is no billboard advertising and no high rise buildings in Lanzarote (with the exception of the Grand Hotel in Arrecife).

Lanzarote is the most easterly of the seven major Canary Islands and lies in the Atlantic Ocean only some 100 km (60 miles) from the coast of Africa and 1,000 km from the Iberian Peninsula. The island enjoys an average temperature of 22 degrees Centigrade all year-round due to its advantageous location in the Tropic of Cancer.

In 1993, the island of Lanzarote was declared a Biosphere Reserve as it conserves one of the most exceptional ecosystems and volcanic landscapes in the archipelago. Lanzarote has a great wealth of native plants, such as Timanfaya seed and the Famara plantain which are both exclusive to Lanzarote. As far as the invertebrate fauna are concerned, there are a large number of endemic species, some of which have special features due to their adaptation to their surroundings, such as a cricket that lives in holes in the lava and the Blind Albino Crab of the Jameos del Agua. Birds find refuge in the "Chinijo Archipelago" (the small islands to the north of Lanzarote) where several threatened species live (Osprey, Falcons, Petrels, Shearwaters etc.) and in the arid zones where the Houbara Bustard, the Cream-Coloured Courser or the Stone Curlew are found. Two reptiles to look out for are the Atlantic Lizard and the Fuerteventura Salamander. Among the mammals, special mention should be given to the endemic Canary shrew (Crocidura canariensis). The waters around Lanzarote support a large and varied population of marine species. Fish such as Barracuda, Grouper and Stingray frequent the reefs around the coast, while Hammerhead Sharks are found around the island of Los Lobos. Whales, Dolphins, Turtles and Flying Fish can often be seen during a Ferry Crossing or Boat Trip.

Arrecife is the political and commercial capital and home to half of the island’s population. Five minutes away is the international airport with its daily flights to the other Canary Islands as well as to mainland Spain and continental Europe.

Lanzarote, including the small islands of La Graciosa, Alegranza, Montaña Clara, Roque del Este y del Oeste, covers 900 km² running 60 km north to south and only 20 km at its widest point.

Lanzarote is made up of seven municipalities: Arrecife (the capital), Teguise, Haría, San Bartolomé, Tías, Tinajo and Yaiza, with an official population of nearly 100,000 inhabitants, mostly residing in the south-central part of the island.

The island was named after a Genoese navigator called Lancelotto Malocello who arrived on the island during the second half of the XIV century opening the way to successive expeditions of French, British and Spanish sailors and merchants. Previously the isles were known as the Fortunate Islands.

What to do in Lanzarote: 

1. Explore Timanfaya National Park

One of the most popular Lanzarote attractions, the Timanfaya National Park is the best place to explore the Fire Mountains (Montañas del Fuego) responsible for the volcanic eruptions in the 1700s. The landscape here is unique, with the lava fields, cones and salt marshes resembling the surface of the moon. Guides will demonstrate how hot the lava fields are by throwing water into holes in the ground, only to emerge as piping hot steam! There's also the El Diablo Restaurant, where food is cooked on grills heated by the volcano. A coach tour is included in your ticket price, as you can't wander unsupervised in the park. If you want to go beyond this, various free walking tours are offered, and take around 3-4 hours, but booking in advance is required.


2. Discover the Cueva de Los Verdes

Cueva de Los Verdes, or 'The Green Caves' are volcanic hollows formed by the eruption of Mount Corona around 4000 years ago, part of the longest lava tunnel in the world. The caves were historically used as a hideout for the locals during invasions by pirates but now make one of the most captivating Lanzarote sights, with special lighting showcasing the different structures and natural colour changes due to the iron and salt. You can walk around 1km of the 6km cave, across 3 levels.


3. Hang out at Jameos Del Agua

Jameos Del Agua was devised in a radical way during the 1960s, by Cesar Manrique, Lanzarote-born architect and artist. The word jameo in this context means the opening of a lava tunnel, and the Jameos Del Agua is the result of Manrique's transformation of part of the same Mount Corona volcanic system. Now, you can see a collection of gardens, café, a natural lake home to albino crabs and a number of other species, and an auditorium which regularly hosts events.

4. Laze in Playa Blanca

One of the more upmarket Lanzarote resorts, Playa Blanca oozes the charm of unhurried seaside life, where boats drift in and out of the harbour and you can wander from the boutiques of Marina Rubicon to the bar without a care in the world. The main Blue Flag Playa Blanca beach lives up to its name, part of a string of three white shores cupped by black volcanic rocks. Head to Playa Dorada to try watersports like parascending, jetskiing and scuba diving, or nearby Papagayo, said to be the most beautiful beach in Lanzarote.


5. Browse the Jardin de Cactus

Lanzarote's Jardin de Cactus (Cactus Garden) is a quirky attraction in Guatiza in the north of the island. With a botanical oasis feel, it is home to over 1000 cacti plant species in a terraced former quarry shaped like an amphitheatre. Again, it's largely the handiwork of Cesar Manrique - his last project before his death in the 1990s. The colourful cacti are sourced from all over the world and perfectly contrast the grey volcanic ash. There are ponds, winding paths and lava rocks overlooked by a restored rustic windmill, offering great views towards Arrieta. Tip: August to September is the perfect time to visit the gardens, as many cacti are in flower.

6. Visit Cesar Manrique House Museum & Volcano House

After exhausting all the Lanzarote attractions by Cesar Manrique, don't miss his former studio-home near Haria, a reimagined manor house that's now a museum dedicated to his life and the promotion of his works. Marique's other property, Volcano House, near Tahiche, is 25km south of Haria and another zen-like creation built in five volcanic bubbles, with flowing rooms, natural light, fountains and a swimming pool. The house is also one of Lanzarote's most important art galleries, where famous names from Joan Miró to Pablo Picasso have been exhibited in the past.

7. Go wild at Rancho Texas Park

Rancho Texas Park is a Texan-themed animal and water park in Puerto del Carmen, perfect for anyone with kids in tow. There's a wide selection of activities, from the pool and waterslides to gold digging and canoe rides on the Indian Lagoons neighbouring the Tipi Village. Animal-wise, the most exciting finds here are the rare white tigers and Komodo dragons, with plenty of daily events featuring sea-lions and birds of prey.

8. Take a Submarine Safari

If you've always wanted to explore the depths of the ocean but don't fancy diving then how about a trip on a submarine? Submarine Safari in Puerto Calero gives you a rare opportunity to take a dive in a submarine, up to 30m deep into the Atlantic Ocean off the shores of Lanzarote. The dive will take approximately one hour, and a diver swims alongside the vessel feeding the fish so you will get to see a wide variety of fish.

9. Charco de los Clicos

Lanzarote is full of natural wonders, the Charco de los Clicos (or Green Lagoon) near El Golfo being another startling example. The lagoon has an unrivalled location at the foot of a volcanic crater, surrounded by black and red lava rocks. The lagoon's green colour is a result of the unique combination of micro-organisms and volcanic minerals mixing with seawater from the Atlantic. Pop along the road to sample the freshly caught fish of the day in the restaurants of El Golfo - try Mar Azul for some of the best oceanview dining.

10. Slow down in Yaiza

A tranquil village near the foot of Timanfaya National Park, Yaiza has maintained its character, having survived the volcanic eruptions of the eighteenth century. There's a pristinely-kept square, a seventeenth century church, gardens and tapas bars where you can enjoy quiet al fresco dining with the commanding backdrop of Mount Timanfaya. It's the perfect place to experience traditional Lanzarote, away from the pulsing resorts of Costa Teguise. Yaiza is also the place to buy Lanzarote gemstones and jewellery, with a series of small boutique shops run by local designers and craft-makers that you can patrol for rare souvenirs. 

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One of the most luxurious hotels in Lanzarote

The Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa situated in the centre of the island with its magnificent El Reducto Beach at its feet, combines luxury with comfort and good service.

Its excellent location next to the historical town and the gastronomic and commercial zone of Arrecife, only 5 minutes away from the airport and the port, makes this hotel one of the best of Lanzarote. The Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa has also got an exclusive Spa, ideal for relaxing in the water circuit or for enjoying one of the fantastic treatments.

Hotel Reception

Check in : 03:00 PM
Check out : 11:00 AM

Hotel Amenities

Wi-Fi Internet
Bar Lounge
Swimming Pool

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