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Hotels and apartments in Kyrgyzstan

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We found 30 available hotels in Kyrgyzstan ( Showing 1- 30)

Golden Dragon Hotel

Elebaev Street,60 - View on map (la 4.4km de centru)


Alieva Str.,143 - View on map (la 1.5km de centru)

Sunrise Osh

Plaza Hotel Bishkek

Togolok-moldo,52 - View on map (la 2.8km de centru)


Club Hotel Dostuk

Orion Hotel Bishkek

21 Erkindik Blvrd, - View on map (la 3.1km de centru)

My Hotel

Hyatt Regency Bishkek

Golden Tulip Bishkek Hotel

Isanov Str,37 - View on map (la 1.8km de centru)

Ambassador Hotel

Orozbekov Str.,32 - View on map (la 2.7km de centru)

Golden Dragon Aparthotel

Smart Hotel Bishkek

Abdrahmanov,204 - View on map (la 3.5km de centru)

City Hotel

Albatros Hotel Bishkek

Gorkogo Street,129 - View on map (la 2.7km de centru)

Soluxe Hotel

Grand Hotel

Frunze Street,428 - View on map (la 2.6km de centru)

Garden Hotel

Mederova. 115,115 - View on map (la 4.1km de centru)

Bishkek Boutique

Shah Palace

Koenkozova,110 - View on map (la 2km de centru)

Discovery Hotel

Green City

16, Mir Avenue, - View on map (la 2.2km de centru)


Jannat Regency Bishkek

Golden Tulip Bishkek



Ibraimova 70, - View on map (la 4km de centru)

AK-Keme hotel

Mira Avenue 93,170 - View on map (la 4.3km de centru)

Onyx hotel

Altamira Hotel