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Hotels and apartments in Moldova

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We found 59 available hotels in Moldova ( Showing 1- 40)

Radisson Blu Leogrand

Club Royal Park

Trandafirilor,6/2 - View on map (la 1.4km de centru)

Vila Elat

Art Rustic Boutique

Best Western Flowers

Anestiade Str,7 - View on map (la 1.2km de centru)

Weekend Boutique Hotel

Arborilor,7 - View on map (la 1.9km de centru)

Bristol Central Park Hotel

Puskin Street,32 - View on map (la 3.2km de centru)

Jolly Alon

Thomas Albert Hotel

Bella Donna

Bucuresti Street,9 - View on map (la 1.7km de centru)

Hotel Europa Chisinau

Cosmos Hotel

Negruzzi,2 - View on map (la 900m de centru)

Villa Arus

Ciuflea,38 - View on map (la 1km de centru)

Zentrum Hotel

Manhattan Hotel & Restaurant

Ciuflea,1 - View on map (la 1.5km de centru)

Diplomat Club Hotel

39 Lacului Street, - View on map (la 3.1km de centru)

VisPas Hotel

Aria Hotel Chisinau

Berd's Design Hotel

Nobil Luxury Boutique Hotel


Vila Verde Hotel

Majami Hotel

Summit Villa

Edem Hotel Chisinau

Str. Odesa,34-1 - View on map (la 920m de centru)

Maxim Pasha

Hotel Sunrise

Villa Rossa Hotel

Jumbo Hotel

Decebal Blv,23/3 - View on map (la 730m de centru)


Jazz Hotel

Shadow Boutique Hotel

Iris Hotel

Petricani,17 - View on map (la 4.4km de centru)

Park Lane Hotel

Savoy Chisinau

Vila Lolo

11 Lomonosova,35 - View on map (la 3.2km de centru)

Vila Iris

Dacia,49/10 - View on map (la 3.7km de centru)

London Boutique Hotel

Familion Aparthotel

Hotel Vila Tulip