Reach donors by fundraising with WISE

How do I register and receive donations for my charitable organization?
Registering your organization is easy. In order to register and receive donations, you must be an official representative of an eligible organization, and then follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Choose the package according to your needs: Free or Premium
Step 2. Contact us by sending an email to ngo[@] with the package selection and verification documents: status signed by the founders and the Fiscal Registration Certificate, as well as the latest activity report or a presentation of the organization's projects.

Our team manually approves all accounts based on the information provided.

The account holder must be an official representative of an organization that has authority to access and manage the WISE program information on behalf of their charitable organization.

Why do you need an email address for my charitable organization?
We require a valid email address so that we can communicate important program information to each registered organization. From time to time we will send emails with information about your organization’s donation amounts, request updates on your social and commercial activities to ensure the quality of services provided to our do good travellers.

What are the eligibility requirements for charitable organizations to participate?
Organizations must be authorized and active to be eligible to participate. Eligible charitable organizations may be located anywhere on the globe with no geographic limitations. Organizations that engage in, support, encourage or promote intolerance, hate, terrorism, violence, money laundering, or other illegal activities are not eligible to participate. Charitable organizations must also adhere to the general Terms & Conditions of our website to maintain eligibility. Charitable organizations may choose to close their account at any time. All remaining funds will be transferred. Although we aim to include only charitable organizations that are in good standing and do not engage in any of the activities described above, we cannot guarantee the good standing and/or conduct of any charitable organization.

What happens if another person has already registered my charitable organization and they were not authorized to do so?
If your organization has been registered by an unauthorized person please contact us.

Customers enjoy a wide selection of travel products and convenient prices for over 240.000 services. The difference is that when travellers buy anything on WISE, we donate between 2-4% of the retail price to the charitable organizations selected by travellers.

WISE does not provide just better prices. It has partnered with the biggest travel wholesalers and tour operators in the world to provide safe and secure vacations to your family. As a humanitarian organization, it also invests 100% of the revenue in communities affected by poverty.

We are the largest Work Integration Social Enterprise with a main office in Romania, being declared "Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2016" within Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year world competition. Throughout time, we provided social aid to over 150.000 beneficiaries and invested over 18 million euros in the local community.

WISE is owned and developed by Close to You Foundation (ADV), humanitarian organization, established in February 2002 by Holt International Children’s Service USA, whose mission is the integration of people with disabilities or other vulnerable groups. It is independent of state authorities, not conditioned by any certain ideologies, doctrines or religions.

Authorization nr. 1871/03.05.2017 Travel licence nr. 7633/16.08.2016 Insurance nr. 45531/19.07.2017 by Omniasig Centrala.

All approved charities are automatically enrolled in our partnership program and will receive donations based on all purchases made by their donors. For tracking purposes, each charity has a link / Invitation ID, that it needs to promote to its donors.

Are there any costs for the charitable organizations?
We have two packages for charities, depending on their requirements. The first one is free, and the premium account requires a one-time donation of €100 for the entire account setup.

All of our services are eligible with no exceptions. Close to You Foundation will donate 4% of the retail price of all travel purchases, except for highlight purchases (including custom quotations). In these cases, we donate 2% of the retail price. In addition, for premium NPO accounts, we donate the same percentages mentioned above on all purchases made by the charity itself.

Do travellers pay extra for these donations to take place?
No - the donation is supported by WISE from the revenue obtained, and not by the customer.

Do you charge any administrative fees or take any deduction from the donation amount?
Charities must register to receive donations and have a valid bank account to which we can route donations. If charities decide to use the donations for travel services, no other fees apply. If they decide to withdraw it by bank transfer we will charge €8 + 6% of the entire amount, as these are the costs our bank charges for foreign transfers.

May customers make direct or extra donations to charitable organizations through the WISE program?
Yes, if the NPO account is stated as premium, it may also use our platform for crowdfunding.

Where did you get my organization's information?
WISE uses global solidarity maps such as Ashoka, Susy or information provided by the European Commission to find other NPOs. To modify your organization’s address, description or mission statement, please update your Nonprofit Profile by sending a request at ngo[@]

How does my charity receive the donations?
All bank transfers are made by personal request from the organization. Please take into account that all donations are allocated when the travel services purchased by your donors are fully paid.

Can I view the number of donations my charitable organization has received?
Yes. Please check the "Bank" section in your account to see all individual donations, based on each sale of your donors.

How do we spread the word about WISE to our donors?
Please check the "Advertising" section in your account. We provide a variety of options to help you spread the word to your donors. Your referral link will lead to your customized charity brand page. You also get access to downloadable website banners and social sharing widgets to reach your Facebook and Twitter followers.

Are there any restrictions regarding the promotion of the WISE program by charitable organizations?
Organizations may spread the word to donors using email, website banners, links, widgets, social media posts, direct mail, print collateral, and signage. Please contact us if you decide to use different methods.

Will you share my email address or account information?
We will make public only the information provided for creating your brand page.

Will you share information about the amount of money WISE donates to my organization?
We may occasionally publicly disclose the number of donations to all charitable organizations or particular organizations resulting from the WISE program or otherwise made by Close to You Foundation; however, we will never disclose information that ties donations made to individual customers.

Will you share with my organization information about the WISE customers who have selected to support my organization?
One of our core values is transparency for all NPOs. We provide extended reports regarding the customer's initials and amounts donated to your organization.