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We are a conscious, green micro-business based in Malta, Europe, working to promote a healthier lifestyle, connection with the earth and the community.…

Malta Qawra, Malta


De nombreuses références dans la réalisation d’études en économie circulaire, performance énergétique, environnementale. 8 salariés basés à Millau et…

France Millau, France

Co-operative College UK

Education to promote co-operative values, ideas and principles within co-operatives, communities and society, providing training and resources to support…

United Kingdom Manchester, United Kingdom


Coop'Alpha est une Coopérative d'activité et d'emploi (CAE) pluri-activité. Elle permet à tout porteur de projet de tester et de développer une activité…

France Lormont, France

Co-op News

Newspaper for the global co-operative movement, with membership open to individual readers as well as to other co-operatives, corporate bodies and unincorporated…

United Kingdom Manchester, United Kingdom

CooCoo Creations

Workshop of ceramic and handmade jewelery. Artistic creations and creative workmanship with main objects pottery and jewelery.

Greece Athens, Greece

Contribute Water

Contribute Ltd. conduct a market-driven charity. The socially-aware company generates money through commercial projects and donate part of the revenue…

Malta Sliema, Malta


Commons | lab offer knowledge and expertise on open-source technologies with the goal to make new technologies accessible to everyone. Some of the services:…

Greece Heraklion, Greece

Colher Para Semear - Rede Portuguesa de Variedades Tradicionais

A associação Colher para semear tem como objectivos inverter a situação actual de contínua perda de biodiversidade genética agrícola, por meio da recolha,…

Portugal Figueiró dos Vinhos, Portugal

CLIP, Recursos e Desenvolvimento

O CLIP – Recursos e Desenvolvimento é uma associação, com foco territorial na Alta de Lisboa, constituída por 34 associados – de cariz público, privado…

Portugal Lisbon, Portugal