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The aim of Perisyllogi Cooperative is to act for the collective benefit, to serve for the general mutual social interest, to fight against local unemployment…

Greece Thessaloniki, Greece

Περιοδικό δρόμου Σχεδία

Sxedia is the only greek street magazine and member of the International Network of Street Papers. Sxedia is not sold at newsstands, but exclusively on…

Greece Athens, Greece

Παραδοσιακό Αγρόκτημα Φοίφα

Natural and Traditional Agriculture farm Foifa is an urban farm, a non-profit organization aiming to preserve local biodiversity and to educate on permaculture.

Greece Kalamata, Greece


KoiSPE have established the Pan-Hellenic Federation of KoiSPE that represents & supports KoiSPEs' interests & rights collectively, nationally and internationally.

Greece Athens, Greece

Μύρτιλλο καφέ

Myrtillo aims to educate and promote mainly young peoplle with average learning difficulties, targetting their empowerment and maturing, independence…

Greece Athens, Greece


Mygdonia SSE's activity is the organic cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants and their transformation into traditional and innovative products.

Greece Thessaloniki, Greece

Μούσες Πιερίων

Muses Pierion is officially the Nr.1 Social Cooperative Enterprise in Greece. It was founded by some unemployed women who desired to fight against crisis…

Greece Katerini, Greece

Μονοπάτια της Ελλάδας

"Paths of Greece" s.c.e. aim to showcase & expose pictures and maps, stories and experiences from paths all over Greece, in an attempt to promote quality…

Greece Athens, Greece


Mesopotamia was greated by a group of people in order to tackle ecological & social issues. A timebank, a voluntary school that promotes the values of…

Greece Moschato, Greece

Κοινωνική Κουζίνα: "Ο άλλος άνθρωπος"

Social Kitchen: "The Other Human" is a community kitchen that started in Greece to help everyone who is in need, in poverty and in hanger, by providing…

Greece Athens, Greece