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The Skill Mill

The Skill Mill is a Not for Profit Social Enterprise providing employment opportunities for young people aged 16-18. With it’s origins in the North East…

United Kingdom Newcastle, United Kingdom


Incubator of social innovation which supports SSE projects in the Midi-Pyrénées region.

France Ramonville Saint-Agne, France

Incentivar Partilha - Associação

"Incentivar Partilha - Associação" é uma organização que visa promover projectos de empreendedorismo social de base comunitária, fundados na partilha…

Portugal Matosinhos, Portugal ist eine Netzkulturinitiative in Linz. Als Verein betreibt sie ein unabhängiges Kultur-Datenzentrum und ist über das ACOnet (Österreichische…

Austria Linz, Austria

The Sound Doctor

Our mission To create top quality information presented in a meaningful and accessible way so people understand their own health conditions better, manage…

United Kingdom Poulton, United Kingdom

Cathedral Innovation Centre

Co-operative and social enterprise support local enterprises and communities

United Kingdom Portsmouth, United Kingdom


La Faircoop valoriser l'ensemble du lait de ses coopérateurs dans une structure de prix équitable.

Belgium Arlon, Belgium

Incredible Aqua Garden

The Incredible AquaGarden is an exciting and innovative learning and growing resource, which, with minimal environmental impact, will provide sustainable…

United Kingdom Todmorden, United Kingdom

Mpower Community Consultants

Carries out research, community consultancy, evaluation and support work for the community and voluntary sector.

Ireland Co. Waterford, Ireland

The Star

Community pub bought by its regulars in 2009, with its own brewery.

United Kingdom Salford, United Kingdom