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Ability Café

Ability Cafe is a project by Fogd A Kezem Alapítvány. They employ disabled people who work in diferrent cafes and bars in Pécs on certain occassions.

Hungary Pécs, Hungary

Innocent Drinks

hello, we're innocent …and we're here to make it easy for people to do themselves some good (whilst making it taste nice too). We started innocent in…

United Kingdom London, United Kingdom

myfastestmile c.i.c.

myfastestmile is a social enterprise that aims to help people better themselves through sport. We work with partners to develop and deliver novel engagement…

United Kingdom Didcot, United Kingdom

Sifa Fireside

SIFA Fireside was formed in 2007 through the merger of well established Birmingham charities: SIFA (Supporting Independence from Alcohol) set up in 1982,…

United Kingdom Birmingham, United Kingdom

The Wild Hearts Group

The WildHearts Group launches companies that through their activities and profits deliver entrepreneurship education and microfinance.Our business ethos…

United Kingdom Glasgow, United Kingdom

Abingdon Hydro C.I.C

A spin-off from Abingdon Carbon Cutters, Abingdon Hydro was established to install a hydroelectric power generator in the River Thames at Abingdon. The…

United Kingdom Abingdon, United Kingdom

Nachbarschaftsgarten Albert-Schweitzer-Alee Traun

Der Bunte Garten Traun wurde von der Volkshilfe OÖ ins Leben gerufen. Er ist einer von vier im Jahr 2014 im Rahmen des Projekts „Bunte Gärten“ in Oberösterreich…

Austria Traun, Austria


Sikh Sanjog is a voluntary organisation set up in 1989 to integrate local Sikh women and their families into the broader Scottish society through activities…

United Kingdom Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The Wood Store

The Wood Store is the trading name for the Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling Project. We are a not-for-profit Social Enterprise saving resources and creating…

United Kingdom Brighton, United Kingdom

Able & Willing

About us ableandwilling (a&w) are Brighton & Hove's only Supported Employer. We employ and support people with a variety of disabilities in full-time…

United Kingdom Hove, United Kingdom