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A social enterprise empowering individuals, businesses and communities to reduce, re-use and recycle.

United Kingdom Manchester, United Kingdom
Spain Valencia, Spain

Eko-socialna kmetija Korenika

Eco and social farm Korenika was established by the Association Mozaik with the aim of producing ecological food and related products and providing training…

Slovenia Šalovci, Slovenia


EffectIO mission is to help young IT enthusiasts to better define their chosen career direction and propel them towards prestigious companies in the industry.

Romania Ilfov, Romania

EcoStyle Construct

Style Eco Construct installed a dedicated hall for nature friendly constructions. The association offers local craftsmen a way to use their skills and…

Romania Tulcea, Romania


Ecocafe is a specialty cafe shop, the caffee they sell is produced by the famous italian La Marzocco company, who purchases the ecological and fair trade…

Hungary Budapest, Hungary

Ecoaldeia de Janas

A Ecoaldeia de Janas é um colectivo de pessoas unidas com o objectivo de construir e viver um centro de educação não-formal para a sustentabilidade ligado…

Portugal Janas, Portugal

Dunhill EcoPark

An integrated set of innovative projects including enterprise, environment, heritage and social projects.

Ireland Dunhill, Ireland


Dock serves as a permanent infrastructure for the overall support of social and solidarity projects, initiatives and enterprises.

Greece Athens, Greece