WISE for charities
Grow your charity and keep it sustainable!
As a humanitarian organization, we understand the needs of non-profits in building awareness and raising funds. Let's reach the Global Goals together!
What's included

WISE helps your charity be sustainable with a 3 in 1 feature

1. It donates 4% of all purchases made by your charity and its supporters

It automatically donates up to 4% from all sales generated by your donors, both companies and individuals, for a lifetime! Each donor will see the exact amount WISE donates to your cause, under each price. The donation is given from our profit, without charging the traveller extra!


2. It makes travellers knock on your door, for free

For additional ways of funding, your charity may promote various social or commercial experiences that will generate income: local producers, city tours, shops, conference rooms, workshops, etc. WISE doesn't apply any fees!


3. WISE connects your charity to companies interested in Corporate Social Responsability

We provide a global network of charities based on the 17 Global Goals! WISE takes care of a company's needs on travel and tourist services but also focuses on their Corporate Social Responsibility by using the Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI) Standards to provide impact reports.

Our humanitarian organisation was awarded over 45 national and international awards, including the prestigious Social Entrepreneur of the Year in the worldwide competition by Ernst & Young!

How it works


Step 1: Do the paperwork

Status signed by the founders and the Fiscal Registration Certificate, as well as the latest activity report or a presentation of the organization's projects.


Step 2: Create your charity page

After aproval, you get access to your Charity Manager - Provide a brief introduction of your charity work and add your social hotels, coffee shops, upcycling stores, co-working spaces or tours.


Step 3: Enjoy a lifelong source of income!

All new accounts created from your charity page will generate, for a lifetime, donations to your charity!

Who is eligible?

When it comes to official titles for non-profits across the world, we encounter multiple entities: Social Enteprises, Protected Shelters, Day Centres, Social Businesses, Community Interest Companies, Charities and many more. WISE accepts any project that helps the local communities so feel free to apply!
Enjoy a lifelong source of income!
WISE donates 50% of the profit not only from the purchases made by your charity supporters but also from all purchases made from the NGO's account.

As a result, if you need to make purchases of tourist services (conference halls, hotels, airport transfers, tours, teambuilding, etc.), we offer competitive prices.

Ways to raise your number of WISE donors

Promote it during charitable events
Tell your friends and co-workers to travel and support your charity work
Talk to companies you usually get donations from
Promote your charity page in newsletters and on social media
Choose your favorite WISE banner and promote it on your website
Print your WISE bussines cards and use them at your location

WISE includes tourist services in over 185 countries

WISE includes tourist services in over 185 countries at affordable prices, most of which can be booked now, and paid later.

Explore our services
Hotels and Apartments
Experiences, Museum tickets, SPA, sporting events
Holidays with up to 50% discounts from our competitors
Cars to rent
Charities providing social and commercial services

In addition, our travel agents provide on request

Individual support and counselling
Flight tickets
Medical Insurances
Custom quotes for the perfect holiday
Teambuildings and business services
Enjoy a lifelong source of income!
WISE connects do good travellers, companies and social businesses to the tourism marketplace. Charities are enrolled in our program and will receive donations based on all purchases made by their supporters. Start supporting today!

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