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We use advanced algorithms to choose from 80,000 direct flights from Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj or Timisoara. In the end, we get 350 cheap beach vacations for famous destinations in Europe and Asia such as Tel Aviv, Malaga, Barcelona, Ibiza, Sicily, Dubai, Santorini and Antalya! Don't forget to subscribe to be notified when we have a fresh batch of beach vacations!

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A beach vacation is recommended as a convenient, affordable holiday to help you charge your batteries and interrupt your daily routine. Thus, with low-cost flights, you can visit famous beaches at very affordable prices through!
Most of the proposed hotels include our Smart Price Guarantee! Prices vary in the tourism industry many times from one minute to another. At WISE, we don't want you to go on holiday disappointed! Smart price remembers the price at which you've made the refundable booking for subsequent checks. If it finds a lower value, we'll let you know so we can secure the new offer!

Do you need help choosing the best Beach Vacation?

Our travel agency can help you with many other tourist services that include medical insurance, custom packages, cruises or thematic holidays at excellent prices!