12 Quirky Beach Totes for Your Holiday Getaway

12 Quirky Beach Totes for Your Holiday Getaway


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Take that, winter blues.

While you can never turn out badly with a great canvas tote or a chic straw pack on an occasion shoreline trip, this resort season's lineup of shoreline prepared sacks is superbly idiosyncratic. Originators are imbuing lively contacts into what we've come to see as an absolutely practical assistant to convey your warm climate sundries.

Colorful beading, eccentric shapes, and tropical natural product are only a couple of the bubbly subtle elements fashioners have drawn motivation from. So put your dreary convey alls away, you won't require them this season.

Below, we've gathered together the cheekiest packs to tote along for multi day at the pool or a night underneath the palm trees.

Susan Alexandra Beach Totes Courtesy of Susan Alexandra

Susan Alexandra

New York– based planner Susan Alexandra is attracted to individual style, and hers is about not considering herself excessively important. She trusts that you ought to dependably wear something that makes you grin, and that is correctly what her line of colorful, hand-beaded sacks does. Toting around any of her packs adorned with beaded products of the soil designs, you'll definitely spread seasonal happiness wherever you go.

To purchase: (from left) $220, $220, $220

Skipping Girl Beach Totes Courtesy of Skipping Girl

Skipping Girl

Skipping Girl is a different line with a mission to add shading and bliss to our movements. Planned in Australia, Skipping Girl's eco-accommodating totes are hand-woven by craftsmans in India utilizing old angling twine. With martinis, palm trees, pineapples, and hibiscus blossoms among other tropical prints sewed on these sacks, they're the ideal accomplice to place you in the excursion condition of mind.

To purchase: (from left) $92, $92, $92

Cult Gaia Beach Bags Courtesy of Cult Gaia/Moda Operandi/Shopbop

Cult Gaia

To purchase: (from left)​​​​ $148, $220, $198

Mercedes Salazar Beach Bags Courtesy of Mercedes Salazar/Moda Operandi

Mercedes Salazar

Colombian planner Mercedes Salazar has some way or another figured out how to outline a line of tropical flying creature and natural product molded packs that are as saucy as they are chic. They'll make them think about how you at any point traveled without them.

To purchase: (from left)  $438, $420, $438

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