Alex Trebek Is Going on a Narwhal and Polar Bear Safari in Canada — and He Wants You to Go with Him (Video)

Alex Trebek Is Going on a Narwhal and Polar Bear Safari in Canada — and He Wants You to Go with Him (Video)


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What is the excursion of a lifetime?

Next year, Alex Trebek will dare to the Arctic of Canada to spot narwhals and polar bears. What's more, you could run with him.

In part of his ability as Honorary President of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society (RCGS), Trebek will join seven days in length undertaking in next June with Arctic Kingdom.

Polar Bear, Arctic Kingdom Courtesy of Arctic Kingdom

The Narwhal and Polar Bear Safari will raise to 16 explorers and Trebek toward the northern segment of Canada's Baffin Island for ice shelves, snow and (we're accepting) the responses to numerous up and coming "Danger" questions.

"Our imparted objective to RCGS is to grow a more profound gratefulness for the general population, regular magnificence, natural life and social legacy of the Canadian Arctic. As Canadians, we are favored to have such a stupendous Arctic area and we plan to move individuals to investigate this extraordinary piece of our nation," Graham Dickson, president and organizer of Arctic Kingdom, said in an announcement. "We are regarded to welcome Alex Trebek, and voyagers from around the globe, to encounter this mind boggling place we are so enthusiastic about."

The trip conveys visitors to the floe edge — the border between ocean ice and the untamed sea —   of the island to encounter one of the world's most different biological communities. As per Arctic Kingdom, June is an especially incredible time to visit the territory as creatures assemble around the floe as the ice dissolves for the late spring. Guests are probably going to spot belugas, narwhals, seals and numerous different sorts of animals.

Narwhal, Arctic Kingdom David Briggs/Courtesy of Arctic Kingdom

Accommodations are at a top notch safari camp on an Arctic shoreline, with the chance to inundate yourself in neighborhood Inuit culture.

The trip leaves on June 18, 2019. Valuing begins at about $10,850 ($13,900 CAD) in addition to charge. In case you're short on money, maybe you could win the assets on "Risk." Start boning up on certainties about icebergs.

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