Good News for Animal Lovers: Amtrak to Allow Pets on More Trains

Good News for Animal Lovers: Amtrak to Allow Pets on More Trains


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A triumph for fuzzy companions.

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Congress consented to another expressway spending bill on Tuesday, and covered in excess of 800 pages into that measure is an arrangement that will make canine proprietors and feline proprietors who travel via prepare extremely upbeat: Amtrak will before long need to permit the creatures on numerous more trains.

Under the new bill, Amtrak will extend a test case program that dedicates no less than one auto for each prepare to travelers toting a puppy or feline (in a required travel pack, of course).

Amtrak has just permitted pets on some rail lines, yet never all. This past October, the rail service announced it would begin testing a program on its Northeast Regional and Downeaster lines. The program permits a pooch or feline, in a conveying sack, and under a weight breaking point of 20 lbs. (counting the sack), for a $25 charge. It propelled the program after first effectively doing as such in Illinois.

As The Huffington Post reported, past pet projects by Amtrak have had the limitations that pets must be "unscented and innocuous," yet there is no such dialect in the new bill. Maybe that is an empowering change for anybody with an especially stinky dog.

Update: A prior adaptation of this story said that Amtrak would permit pets on all prepares; an Amtrak representative says Amtrak's elucidation of the bill is that Amtrak will extend its pet program to numerous more prepares, yet not really to all trains.

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