Hersheypark Is Adding a 'Hypercoaster' As Part of a $150-million Expansion

Hersheypark Is Adding a 'Hypercoaster' As Part of a $150-million Expansion


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If the two things you can't get enough of in life are chocolate and thrill rides, make arrangements to visit Hersheypark.

On Wednesday, the recreation center made its "greatest declaration ever": It will experience a $150-million redesign to open another 23-section of land development called "Chocolate Town" inside the following two years.

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Posted by Hersheypark on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

"Chocolate Town" will incorporate Hersheypark's fifteenth exciting ride, which the recreation center calls its "longest, tallest, and quickest to date." Details about the new liner are relied upon to be discharged in the mid year. From what we know up until now, the ride will be a "hypercoaster" since it will stand in excess of 200 feet tall.

Chocolate Town will likewise incorporate a leader Hershey's store, frozen yogurt parlor, pot corn stand, and the parks' biggest eatery, bar and patio.

"We are staggeringly eager to enter this next part in the rich history of Hersheypark," John Lawn, president and CEO of Hershey Entertainment and Resorts, said in an announcement. "This will be a conclusive task for Hersheypark, HE&R and our destination."

Construction on the new court will start in January 2019. Next summer, the recreation center will re-present the Reese's Xtreme Cup Challenge as the Reese's Cupfusion. In the amusement, riders must ensure the Reese's production line as the League of Misfit Candy endeavors to take over.

It may resist customary way of thinking to wed (strict) huge amounts of chocolate and an epic crazy ride. In any case, it beyond any doubt looks fun.

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