Matthew McConaughey Tossed His 6-month-old Son ‘15 Feet Through the Air’ to Save Him From a Charging Mountain Ram

Matthew McConaughey Tossed His 6-month-old Son ‘15 Feet Through the Air’ to Save Him From a Charging Mountain Ram


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Matthew McConaughey isn't only a performing artist — he's a hero.

On Tuesday's scene of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the 48-year-old on-screen character uncovered he spared his child Levi from a charging mountain ram.

The epic record was raised amid a series of "Genuine Confessions," a diversion in which players alternate speculating regardless of whether the other players' accounts are true.

"I got charged by a mountain smash at the edge of the Grand Canyon and needed to toss my half year old youngster 15 feet through the air — to my significant other — to spare him," McConaughey disclosed to Jimmy Fallon and The Roots' Tarik Trotter.

After uncovering it was, actually, a genuine story, McConaughey proceeded to clarify everything occurred while he and his better half, Camila Alves, were getting a charge out of an outing with their oldest child, now 10 years of age, and canine when out of the blue a slam appeared.

Acting quick, McConaughey shooed away his pooch, who he says was snarling at the smash, and after that he tossed Levi to Camila. Camila figured out how to escape rapidly down the bluff, making it simple for McConaughey to hurl their son.

However, McConaughey was still in danger.

"I got this little branch and I get behind it and it's this cherry bramble and it's about as large as my pinky and I'm similar to, 'This isn't going to spare me by any stretch of the imagination,' " McConaughey explained.

"I squared off and simply attempted to go as Yoda as I could with this slam and simply say, 'Not me, whatever it is,' and he was kicking earth and everything," the performing artist explained.

After frightening the smash away, McConaughey acknowledged why the creature was so forceful: "We were among him and every one of his women and he didn't need some other male aroma on his mountain."

"I resembled, 'Your mountain, sir,' " said McConaughey.

McConaughey and Camila, 36, are likewise guardians to girl Vida, 8, and child Livingston, 5.

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