New Mexico's Sky Will Be Filled With Colorful Hot Air Balloons This Weekend — Here's What It's Like to Take a Ride

New Mexico's Sky Will Be Filled With Colorful Hot Air Balloons This Weekend — Here's What It's Like to Take a Ride


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It's not as simple as you think.

Up before the sun and dim looked at, I stroll through the diminish parking garage at Red Rock Park close Gallup, New Mexico to meet my pilot, Bill Lee, for the present experience: a tourist balloon ride over desert and Navajo Indian domain. The majority of Lee's flights are planned at dawn for ideal climate, however before endeavoring to dispatch the inflatable, Lee evaluates the components, which must be simply right: fairly quiet breezes at the surface or more, no rain or tempest action, and no dampness, which can destroy the inflatable fabric.

He's additionally checking breeze heading, as the inflatable goes with the breeze and the pursuit group must have the capacity to anchor a protected spot to recover travelers and the inflatable after landing. Terrible climate would mean no inflatable ride. My fingers are crossed that my initial wake-up is definitely not a waste. After breeze and climate tests, Lee gives his decision that Mother Nature is coordinating today, and we get the opportunity to work setting up for launch.

It's all involved deck as we empty the 901-pound swell named True-Lee New Mexico. It doesn't look like considerably more than a immense, folded wad of texture right now, yet in the wake of setting out a gigantic canvas, we unroll the emptied inflatable from all sides and I see its stunning design: purple, blue, and pink squares against a dark foundation with a vast, energetic sugar skull in the inside. In the wake of anchoring the level inflatable to the tipped-over bin, Lee's colleagues snatch a major fan from the trailer, and we begin the way toward including air.

First, we utilize the fan for chilly swelling to get some air into the inflatable. As I remain beside the bin helping keep down the links joining crate to swell, I dismiss a bit as the great cool air impacts through my hair. Next comes the hot swelling, when the burner that is joined to the highest point of the bin shoots tourist into the inflatable. Lee gives a notice of "noisy and hot" as the flares from the burner thunder past my arms. As I hold the links and ties open and far from the fire, a grin spreads over my face as I see the inflatable gradually ascending from the ground.

Once the inflatable has enough air in it, we tip the bushel upright and I see the sheer size of it: 66 feet tall and 63 feet wide. The inflatable is battling to get off the ground now as I enable the team to hold it down until the point that Lee instructs me to get on board. All of a sudden, I see a group part underneath waving up at me, and I understand we're airborne, gradually scaling as Lee uses the burner to send in more hot air.

Hot Air inflatables with Church Rock in foundation; Red Rock Balloon Rally at Red Rock State Park, Gallup, New Mexico VW Pics/Getty Images

As we take off 1,500 feet above limestone and sandstone gulches, a bird of prey floats past us on his way to a roost. I look underneath the crate at the scene as Lee brings up common tourist spots like Church Rock out there. In Navajo domain, a pony and her foal walk through an open field as we respect from above. At a certain point, Lee aides us 400 feet deep into Padre Canyon — named for the rocks' structure looking like a robed cleric — where he tenderly brings down the bin onto a gully shake, enabling us to connect and contact it before taking off again.

After a loosening up ride, a smooth arrival (much obliged, Mother Nature), and a collaboration to get the inflatable unassembled, Lee welcomes me, champagne bottle close by, for the conventional balloonist's function for first-time fliers. He recounts the account of how sight-seeing ballooning became, pins an ornament speaking to True-Lee New Mexico to my shirt, and teaches me to drink my glass of champagne without utilizing my hands, for comedic impact. As we toast the transcendent flight, I'm as of now wanting to be back in the sky, flying with the birds of prey and looking down at the delightful desert scene below.

Hot air inflatables fly close to the red shake bluffs amid the 23nd Annual Red Rock Balloon Rally at Red Rock State Park December 6, 2003 Douglas Tesner/Getty Images

Take Flight

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta keeps running from Oct. 6-14, however rides are regularly sold out, as in excess of 800,000 individuals go to. Skirt the groups and take a private ride where you get the chance to help set the inflatable up with X-Treme-Lee Fun Balloon Adventures. For those needing to see an inflatable filled sky, the Red Rock Balloon Rally from Nov. 30– Dec. 2 is an extraordinary option in contrast to the Albuquerque celebration, with 200 balloons.

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