Scientists Just Discovered a “Lost World” of Volcanoes Hidden Deep in the Ocean

Scientists Just Discovered a “Lost World” of Volcanoes Hidden Deep in the Ocean


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Researchers have found an underwater volcanic world loaded up with marine life off of the bank of Tasmania.

Scientists from the Australian National University (ANU) as of late made the revelation amid a 25-day explore outing including point by point ocean bottom mapping in waters found somewhere in the range of 250 miles east of Tasmania.

Mapping taken by the Investigator look into vessel uncovered a chain of volcanic seamounts (submerged mountains) sitting at a profundity of around 16,400 feet, with a portion of the tallest pinnacles achieving heights close to 10,000 feet.

Researches have found a progression of submerged volcanoes off of the shore of Tasmania. Courtesy of Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization

"This is an extremely differing scene and will without a doubt be a natural hotpot that backings an astonishing exhibit of marine life," Dr. Tara Martin from Australia's regular science office, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization said in a statement.

The beforehand inconspicuous submerged world is "overflowing with marine life," analysts stated, indicating sightings of 28 humpback whales in one day pursued by extra sightings of a case of 60 to 80 since a long time ago finned pilot whales the very next day. 

Researchers trust the zone could be an indispensable halting point for relocating creatures, especially with whales who may utilize the submerged volcanoes as route focuses to enable them to discover their way. 

"These seamounts may go about as a vital signpost on a submerged transient thruway for the humpback whales we saw moving from their winter rearing to summer encouraging grounds," Dr. Eric Woehler, who was a piece of the group of specialists locally available the vessel, said.

In expansion to whales, analysts additionally recognized an assortment of seabirds that rush to the region, which they accept is a hotbed for marine life both above and beneath the sea's surface. 

The scientists plan to continue examining the newfound "lost world" this November and December, utilizing remote ocean cameras to report its rich exhibit of amphibian species. 

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