The 23 Items to Pack for Every Solo Trip

The 23 Items to Pack for Every Solo Trip


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These things — all of which can fit in a portable luggage — will make your life much easier.  A lady sitting on a remote wooden dock neglecting a lake. Jordan Siemens/Getty Images

These things — all of which can fit in a lightweight suitcase — will make your life much easier. 

These things — all of which can fit in a portable luggage — will make your life much easier. 

More Rachel Chang September 24, 2018 Each item we highlight has been autonomously chosen and looked into by our publication group. In the event that you make a buy utilizing the connections included, we may acquire commission.

My grandmother used to state, "Convey everything with you, so when you arrive, your things arrive as well." And after I contacted down in Ecuador's Quito airplane terminal for a performance trip several years back and understood that my checked stuff hadn't, her words rang louder than ever.

When voyaging alone, pressing light isn't as imperative as pressing brilliant. Since movement burdens increase when you're individually, you need to plan for any situation that will set you back on your journey.

First and preeminent, the things at the highest point of the need rundown ought to give solace and comfort—and in a perfect world fill in excess of one need. So abandon the strappy heels you'll just wear once (regardless of how adorable they'll look in your photographs), and ensure you're picking things effectively. Similarly the KonMari cleaning up strategy requests that you bring each thing into your hand and inquire as to whether it brings you delight, hold each thing and ask yourself: Is this thing a need on my trek? In the event that it breezes through the test, set it in the suitcase.

The next level of the test? Ensure you can without any help deal with your gear for a separation. Without anybody to part the stuff toting time with, move yourself to check whether you can stroll down the square and back without a battle. The key here is having the capacity to keep your hands free, so you can center around what's in store and not what's gauging you down.

For me, the mystery combo has been a ultra-light, rolling hard portable bag and a rucksack, since it passes the universal portable remittance and I don't need to check anything (much obliged, Grandma!). Here are 23 things that have helped me run the globe with as meager stuff — metaphorically and truly — as could be expected under the circumstances. Also, for all the more solo travel guidance, here are my hacks for voyaging alone, tips for how to meet individuals, and the best places to go.

Samsonite ziplite go ahead

Hard-shell Rolling Carry-On Suitcase

I utilized to favor delicate bags, since I thought there was more provide for press in additional things. In any case, at that point came the grievous time I needed to drag my sack through the rain with a lamentable refuse pack over it, and my stuff still got doused. Following a couple of more long stretches of wrapping all my garments up in plastic packs, I wised up and got the Samsonite Ziplite 3.0 20-inch Hardside Spinner Carry-On Luggage. Its expandable zipper takes into account additional space, and notwithstanding when I have an inclination that I've overstuffed, I've generally possessed the capacity to rezip the additional zipper totally, mysteriously making reward room.

Solo Travel Packing Items

Backpack with Padded Straps

As I was run down a road in Chicago years prior, my crossbody sack all of a sudden thudded onto the floor behind me. After that exercise, I'm a firm devotee that two ties are superior to one. Not exclusively completes a rucksack spread the weight out better, yet anything that gives you a chance to be without hands while exploring courses solo is a gift from heaven. Contingent upon the experience, I shift back and forth between a substantial men's dark Vans backpack ($47) I acquired and a pink waterproof Cath Kidston one ($72, however I got it at a bargain at Asos for $48.60). In addition, since it considers an individual thing, it includes to your convey portion on flights.

Daisco's plastic packs

Plastic Bags

Whenever I'm almost one of Japanese markdown store Daiso's 3,660 areas around the globe, I constantly stock up on their plastic stockpiling sacks ($1.50 per pack; for comparative item). While the little ones are ideal for holding pharmaceutical, alternate sizes fit everything from chargers and toiletries to travel papers and telephones. Choose the thicker packs to ensure against dampness. The unmistakable plastic makes it simple to remain composed and discover things rapidly. Likewise, pack additional items—they can without much of a stretch be reserved at the bottom of a sack and no one can tell what size and shape will come in handy.

Lewis N. Clark cash belt

Money Belt

After seeing individual voyagers wear concealed cash belts that were so massive and self-evident, I never thought I'd possess one. Yet, after the worry of leaving my baggage for multi day in an inn's self-benefit locker room in Vienna, I understood the time had come. After some examination, I arrived upon the Lewis N. Clark Hidden Waist Stash Wallet ($14), or, in other words, I regularly overlook it's even on. With different pockets, I've possessed the capacity to arrange my visa and different monetary forms without allowing them a qualm. The insurance layer against digital misrepresentation offers reward security.

Solo Travel Packing Items

Zip Pocket Jacket

Ever since I lost my New York City Metrocard and New Jersey Transit bus ticket in one quick go, the principal thing I search for in a coat is a compress pocket to guarantee I have simple access to my basics. This coat by The North Face ($63) has all that I require, yet is wind-and waterproof with a stowable hood, making it the ideal in with no reservations one.

The 23 Items To Pack For Every Solo Trip


Whether to keep warm, spruce up an outfit, cover your head, or use as an additional cover, a huge scarf like this current Uniqlo's stole ($19.90) can fill any number of needs. I've even utilized them to cushion a delicate keepsake, and I've seen a kindred voyager metamorphose one into a hung outfit.

Love Reuseable Bags

Foldable Reusable Bag

Lovebag's Stash It arrangement ($16) is so light and little that you will have a hard time believing the amount it can hold. I've collapsed one into my pocket on a chilly morning and afterward opened it up to put my coat in it when it warmed up. I've additionally utilized it as my daypack when a rucksack was too enormous, and furthermore opened it up to hold additional keepsakes when I purchased excessively. In any case, best of all, the lash is sufficiently long that you can wear it as a cross-body pack. Reward: The pocket is so stretchy and strong that I've utilized it to conceal additional cash, so my trade isn't full scale one spot.

Cole Haan shoes

Multi-reason Shoes

After acknowledging that it is so silly to carry five sets of shoes with me "in the event of some unforeseen issue" on one trek, I currently restrict myself to two. I bring one sets of waterproof,solid tennis shoes and another combine of sufficiently shoes comfortable to use on long strolls yet can likewise work while going out to get a theater execution. I arrived on Cole Haan's Pinch Weekenders ($100), accessible in the two people's assortments. The patent cowhide form works for any event, and will help you trudge over cobblestones in Cuba or hit the move floor in Marrakech.

energizer headlamp


One of the suggested things for my Morocco trip was a headlamp for the night out in the desert. It appeared to be a major speculation for one night, when I could simply utilize my telephone as an electric lamp. However, while I was at getting other trek fundamentals at Target, I saw the Energizer 3 LED Headlight was just $10 and significantly more smaller than anticipated. What's more, kid, was it justified, despite all the trouble. In addition to the fact that I used it to explore my way to the bathroom in the Sahara, yet when I was in Cuba, there was a power outage while I was pressing, so I basically lashed it on my head and proceeded without missing a beat.


Sturdy Folder for Printed Documents 

Fill a strong envelope, similar to the Five Star 2-Pocket Advance Stay-Put Portfolio (Amazon, from $2.19) or the Premium Poly Envelope with Velcro Closure (Amazon, $7.95 for 5) with printouts of all your fundamental printed material—including carrier, lodging, and transportation affirmations and maps to anyplace you may need to explore individually. Another tip: Instead of bringing an overwhelming tourbook, print out articles and tips and hurl them away as you're finished with them, so you aren't juggling so much paperwork.

Sea to Summit dry sack

Dry Sack

Even however I purchased my little Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack ($12.95 for a one-liter size) for my camera and telephone when I discovered it would rain amid my Machu Picchu climb, I've now taken it along on relatively every excursion. On the off chance that anything, it fills in as an additional pocket, where I know all my electronic and chargers will stay sorted out and dry.

socks hanging to dry

Last Chance Clothes

I frequently pack clothing and socks that are only one utilize far from the junk can. They're as yet usable and solid, yet perhaps it's a sock that has experienced one too many sloppy runs or clothing that is starting to shred. That way, you can toss them out in the wake of utilizing them and ease your burden en route. Or on the other hand take those shirts you truly don't need and wear them as night robe or a base layer amid your movements and desert them also — opening up more space for souvenirs!

Wet Ones wipes

Various Wipes 

Being all alone, you need to abstain from becoming ill no matter what, so I run insane with wipes to guarantee insignificant contact with germs. Prior to each trek, I go to Target's movement area and stock up on each type of wipes: Wet Ones Anti-Bacterial Wipes for my hands, Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to Go for my plane and prepare seats and the lodging room (indeed, I'm that individual!), and Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths to, well, to keep you feeling crisp and clean in every one of those open restrooms.

first help unit

Customized First-Aid Kit

Only you recognize what you may require the most, so go through your agenda and the most pessimistic scenario situations. For me, this generally incorporates a drugstore hurried to get Dramamine, Imodium, Tylenol Cold, Sudafed, Neosporin, extensive fix gauzes, eye sensitivity drops, and contacts rewetting drops. However, when I return home, I take off the bundling and simply sort out the genuine things in plastic sacks, composing the measurements specifically on the back of the bundling in Sharpie so everything fits into one little pack. Furthermore, remember to convey to your day by day multivitamins to keep you solid on the road.

Red Cross

Emergency Contact Info Card

Take a record card (or as a cheat: the back of a business card!), compose the majority of your crisis contact data with a Sharpie, and put in your wallet. That way, if something turns out badly and you can't get to your telephone, you can at present connect with your contacts. What's more, if there's a crisis and somebody is attempting to encourage you, they can likewise discover the data in the place they're well on the way to look—your wallet. Ensure it's named unmistakably, with a universal image of a red cross.

Coleman crisis cover

Emergency Blanket

You can't turn out badly with an aluminized polyester cover ($8 for a four-pack). It fits straight into an edge of your sack and opens into a monstrous concealment, ideal for chillier than anticipated evenings under the stars, similar to I encountered out in northern Africa's desert. It can likewise twofold as a ground cover for sticky situations.

bungee ropes

Mini Bungee Cord

Another little protest that can keep a wide range of potential disturbance is a smaller than normal bungee rope ($6 for a four-pack). It very well may be utilized to keep an entryway open or shut, to hold a busted sack or bag together, or even to balance things as a stopgap smaller than normal clothesline. What's more, in the event that you extremely needed to get inventive, it could likewise be utilized as a fastener or belt extender.

havaianas flip failures

Flip Flops  

In expansion to the previously mentioned two sets of shoes, toss in a couple of flip lemon. Since they're water safe, they fill an alternate need and are level enough to consume up negligible space at the edge of a bag. Other than being valuable for quite a long time at the shoreline, they can also protect your feet in the shower or a hostel floor you'd rather not venture on. My most loved match is as yet the attempted and-genuine Havaianas Slims ($26).

KIND granola bars

Snack Bars

If you're anything like me, when you move on your experience, it's anything but difficult to forget about time until the point that your stomach begins snarling. Rather than scrambling to discover something to hold you over, purchase a crateof lunch rooms, dispose of the case and place them in a plastic Ziploc sack (which you can later reuse). The strong idea of Kind Bars ($14 for a case of 12) keeps them from getting smashed. Simply make sure to maintain a strategic distance from ones with an excessive amount of chocolate or different fixings that could melt.

Uniqlo foldable coat

Foldable Down Jacket

Another double reason fundamental? A packable warm coat like Uniqlo's Ultra Light Down Jacket ($70) or, in other words it can lay level like an almost paper-thin layer in your bag. Or on the other hand move it into its pocket and it all of a sudden serves as a movement cushion. There's a men's version ($70), as well. 

paper envelopes


I've dependably hurled around three or four lawful estimated envelopes in my pack—and at last wind up utilizing somewhere around one for different purposes. Regularly, it's to gather the gathering tip or give my very own tip on a little gathering visit, while different occasions it's to put fundamental tickets or additional trade out a protected place. Also, when I was going in Cuba, there were such huge numbers of papers to bring that they helped me keep everything composed to speed through lines.

Passport outline

Extra Passport Photos

More than 10 years prior, I was circling Paris for over a week and purchased a seven-day card for the Metro, which had a space for a photograph. Little did I understand it really required a photograph until the point that a cop ceased me in a station and requested to check it. I wound up getting chided—and fined. Obviously, I presently dependably travel with two additional identification photographs in the remote possibility they're needed.

Apple iPhone with case

Old Cell Phone Case

Leave behind that as well charming telephone case and snap on a more seasoned, more careful one. To abstain from being an objective for criminals when you're alone, run relaxed with your tech and attempt to mix in. When I'm making a trip abroad to nations where cell phones are less normal, I relinquished diversion for a $3 light blue case that I got at a Taipei road showcase, which drew less attention.

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