This Family of 6 Sold Their House to Live Life on the Road in a Tricked-out Airstream

This Family of 6 Sold Their House to Live Life on the Road in a Tricked-out Airstream


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Feel like leaving your place of employment, offering your home, and leaving the majority of your "rural life" stresses behind you? One family from Tennessee really did it, and have made it their new lifestyle.

Three years back, Jonathan and Ashley Longnecker chose to get and venture to every part of the U.S. with their four children, Adali, Jett, Jax and Ada, SWNS revealed. They sold their home and utilized the $40,000 benefit to purchase a RV. After a year, they sold the first RV and purchased a shot style 1972 Airstream for $13,000, at that point burning through a half year and $30,000 settling it up.

Their new home is beautifully finished and remodeled within. There are two arrangements of twin cots for the children, and an extra large bed for mother and father. Track lights, a full kitchen with a supper table, and bunches of vintage-roused contacts influence it to appear as though this family isn't roughing it excessively much.

Inside the Longnecker's Airstream trailer Jonathan Longnecker/

"We were experiencing the American dream. We had a major house, I was running my own effective site improvement business," Jonathan said. "Yet, we were investing so much energy keeping up the house and paying our mortgage."

The family has visited in excess of 30 states since purchasing the new trailer, and they're not stopping.

Longnecker family lives in an Airstream Jonathan Longnecker/

Jonathan takes a shot at his website architecture business and Ashley self-teaches (trailerschools?) the youngsters, which she was at that point doing before they went out and about. Jonathan says he was roused to take his family out and about after a companion in a similar industry had chosen to do it themselves.

"Once we understood that full-time traveling was something we could do in view of our profession, it was definitely not a hard choice," said Ashley.

Longnecker family's glossy Airstream Jonathan Longnecker/

The Longneckers say they have seen an adjustment in themselves, and furthermore in their children. Jonathan says that he trusts their present way of life will ingrain a "feeling of ponder and experience that they'll convey with them whatever is left of their lives."

"We know it's not for everybody but rather it's for us," Ashley said.

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