Where to Shop in Auckland, According to the City’s Hottest Fashion Designer

Where to Shop in Auckland, According to the City’s Hottest Fashion Designer


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Maggie Marilyn shares her go-to spots.

New Zealand's door to North Island undertakings is a goal in its very own right, with awesome nourishment, a gathering of historical centers and displays, and chic shops that feature homegrown ability. We swung to wunderkind Maggie Hewitt — the planner behind ladies' dress image Maggie Marilyn and the principal Kiwi ever short-recorded for the LVMH Prize — to get the lowdown on the best stops for style-disapproved of travelers.

Muse boutique, in Auckland, New Zealand Muse, a boutique in Auckland's Ponsonby neighborhood. Kindness of Muse Shopping in Auckland, New Zealand From left: Auckland idea store the Shelter; Maggie Marilyn silk glossy silk pants ($500). From left: Courtesy of The Shelter; Courtesy of Maggie Marilyn

"One of my most loved spots to shop is Ponsonby, an area with a lot of boutiques and idea stores. Dream (264 Ponsonby Rd.; 64-9-378-8850) is a multi-mark shop from proprietor Olivia Vincent. She stocks universal names like Stella McCartney alongside nearby names like Georgia Alice, who is known for her immaculately cut, simple to-wear outlines. From that point, I'll fly in to the leader of Harman Grubiša, a brand that spends significant time in moderate outlines with female details.

"Nearby idea store the Shelter holds an exceptional place in my heart, as it was the first to convey my line. I'll peruse the racks of new and built up marks like Wynn Hamlyn and MM6 Maison Margiela, at that point snatch a juice at its bistro. On the off chance that I need to treat myself, I'll get a light or aroma at Curionoir, a little clump Kiwi perfumery that produces just a bunch of fragrances at a time.

Curionoir perfumery in Auckland, New Zealand Curionoir, a nearby perfumery. Simon Wilson/Courtesy of Curionoir

"For a more laid-back retail understanding, I'll make a beeline for Takapuna, on the North Shore. The zone is known for its shoreline, so it makes for a beautiful shopping trip—particularly on a bright day. The Department Store was a cooperation between amazing New Zealand planner Karen Walker and nearby design business person Dan Gosling. The staggered space has a marvel counter, a hair salon, a bistro, and a great exhibit of Aussie and Kiwi clothiers like Georgia Jay and Deadly Ponies. After, I'll drop in to the Takapuna station of Superette, a long-standing New Zealand retailer. This area has a fabulous time, eccentric vibe and offers a group satisfying choice of closet staples."

Watches at Superette, in Auckland, New Zealand Watches at the Takapuna store Superette. Affability of Superette
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