Woman Tries to Smuggle Squirrel on Plane As Emotional Support Animal

Woman Tries to Smuggle Squirrel on Plane As Emotional Support Animal


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Police were called to expel the traveler (and squirrel) from the flight.

You can have a canine, feline, or even a scaled down pony. Yet, most aircrafts have been getting serious about which creatures are OK to expedite flights as "enthusiastic help animals."

For the record, squirrels are a no-go.

According to News 5 Cleveland, a lady on Frontier Airlines in Orlando, Florida appeared to miss that update when she attempted to carry a squirrel on her trip on Tuesday night.

A representative for Frontier revealed to News 5 the traveler noticed that they were expediting a passionate help creature load up, yet did not say it was a squirrel. Boondocks just enables mutts or felines to be ESAs, and does not permit rodents on load up, as clarified on the bearer's uncommon administrations page.

The just pets permitted on load up Frontier flights are pooches, felines, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, or little family winged animals. Along these lines, regardless of being genuinely creature agreeable contrasted with different aircrafts, still no squirrels allowed.

Sorry, little squirrel.

Unfortunately, the traveler was not as helpful as the cabin crew would have trusted when they requesting that her deplane with her squirrel. When she declined to abandon her seat, Orlando police must be called to escort her off.

The flight wound up being deferred two hours, be that as it may, as indicated by News 5, not all her kindred travelers were irate about it.

"The joke of the plane was hashtag squirrel," witness Amber Calhoun said.

When in uncertainty about your ESA, make a point to check your particular carrier's rules.

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