You Can Play With 20 Friendly Huskies at This First-of-its-kind Dog Cafe (Video)

You Can Play With 20 Friendly Huskies at This First-of-its-kind Dog Cafe (Video)


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Sure, pooch bistros are awesome, but in the event that you adore huskies over every other little guy, there's solitary one you have to visit.

True Love Café at Neverland in Bangkok, Thailand is the main Siberian Husky bistro on the planet. As indicated by TripAdvisor, for around 500 Thai Baht (about $15 USD), visitors can come in, play with in excess of 20 huskies (and some different puppies living at the bistro) for 60 minutes, at that point appreciate some espresso and sustenance in the restaurant.

It sounds like heaven.

Insider sent movie producer Filip Stransky to encounter the bistro. As per his video, visitors should initially wash their hands and put on plastic booties previously interfacing with the canines with the end goal to shield them from outside bacteria.

The bistro proprietor, Chotiros Ratanabirabongse, revealed to Insider that despite the fact that the atmosphere in Thailand is very hot, the puppies are constantly kept agreeable. Ratanabirabongse and the staff keep the imposing play zone secured with a rooftop and keep fans running over the play area. In addition, guests are urged to bolster the puppies ice chips to keep them cool.

When recess is finished, the mutts are introduced their indoor pet hotel, which Ratanabirabongse says is well air conditioned.

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So fluffyyyyy *tail slaps*

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